* "The Outlaws," where Wes ups the ante on Kurt and Blaine's duet at Regionals. And their reaction when the duet actually happens:
-->Wes is still skeptical and everyone's still a little worried that Blaine will spring the existence of a Beatles-loving non-Kurt duet partner on them (which would mean ''[[SeriousBusiness one of the Warblers has fucking betrayed their own]]''!), but then Blaine says there will be no auditions because ''he wants to sing with Kurt.''
* You know the Warblers are TrueCompanions when they physically ''drag Blaine'' to a counselor. Wes and David especially treat Blaine like a little brother.
** And when they not only notify school staff that [[spoiler: Blaine has a stalker,]] but they start a buddy system to make sure he doesn't get in trouble.
* "The Men-At-Arms" is a well-needed BreatherEpisode after several chapters of watching Blaine's RelationshipSue facade [[CerebusRetcon retroactively crumble]] [[DeconstructionFic into tiny bits]].
* The Warblers again in "Nikos." Wes and David [[spoiler: force Alex to kidnap them along with Blaine.]] The minute Thad and Trent find out (thanks to [[ChekhovsGun David's cuff-links]]), they call [[spoiler: the police]] ''and'' the other Warblers. Their mass-text conversation at the end doubles as heartwarming and funny.
* Morgan giving Blaine a hug in "Jack Jingly".
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