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  • In "Blind Spot," Carrie's niece asks Carrie to move in with her, her older sister, and her mother/Carrie's sister after the niece and Carrie say they're afraid of the "bad guys that blow people up." Niece: "We'll protect you." Carrie: "No. It's my job to protect you."
  • In "Achilles Heel," Nicholas Brody pleads with his emotionally estranged wife, Jessica, to make the marriage work.
  • In "Representative Brody," Brody forgives Mike for Mike's affair with Jessica. Brody also thanks Mike for taking care of the children. Goes somewhat downhill from there, as Brody uses that olive branch to manipulate Mike into talking to Jessica about the offer made by the Vice President... which backfires.
  • In "The Vest", when Carrie has spent the whole episode in a bipolar episode, and wakes up to find that Saul has pieced together her Room Full of Crazy to a Room Full Of Watertight Proof. The pure joy on her face when he, and we, see that she's not delusional and has singlehandedly figured almost all of Abu Nazir's plot out. Doubles as Tear Jerker once the Cassandra plot kicks in.
  • In "Marine One," Dana attempts to convince Brody not to go to the Vice-President's speech. She follows that up later by acting out of legitimate concern for him when things go wrong.
    • Saul telling Carrie she was right about Abu Nazir's "mourning" theory.
  • In "The Smile", Dana helping her father to bury the desecrated Qu'ran after Jessica tore out pages and threw it on the floor.
  • "I was right." The sheer relief and joy on Carrie's face as she watches Brody's would-be posthumous confession and realizes that she wasn't wrong about him after all.
  • When Carrie confronts him at the end of the episode, clearly stressed to her limit and carrying the guilt of six Agents' deaths on her shoulders, he manages to convince her - and for once it's honest - that he didn't have anything to do with it. Then he takes her hand the way she's taken his twice before, and lets her sob on his shoulder, gently shushing her. It's a rare moment where they're both being honest and it's surprisingly sweet.
  • The last shot of Season 2, when Saul and Carrie are reunited.
  • Quinn's unflinching support of Carrie, whether it is to visit her at the mental facility, to agree to help her clear Brody's name post-Langley or support her decision to keep Brody's baby.
  • Dar Adal's actions during Season 4 count as this even if he had to destroy the career of a DCI and abandon the CIA's networks in South Asia to a terrorist. The end result of his scheme was to save his friend Saul from being humiliated and get him to return as the DCI

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