Awesome / Homeland

Season One

  • In "Representative Brody," Carrie takes the interrogation of a Saudi diplomat Up to 11. When the Saudi diplomat rebuffs Carrie's attempt to blackmail him with incriminating photos of his homosexuality, Carrie threatens to have his college student daughter deported back to Saudi Arabia, where she, according to Carrie, would not have anywhere near the freedom she does now.
    • The diplomat's rebuff also qualifies. CIA finds he's gay and threatens to use it against him. His response?
    The diplomat: Yes. I SUCK COCK. Yummy yummy yummy.
  • Jessica calls out Brody for his funk. What follows is a series of "The Reason You Suck" Speech that is crowned with this:
    Brody: Say it.
    Jessica: You can't even fuck your wife!
  • In "Marine One," Saul gets a hold of secret interrogation tapes that involve the Vice-President and uses them to blackmail him.

Season Two

  • Carrie's Groin Attack on a Lebanese security officer in "The Smile." Her eponymous smile at the end tops it all.
  • In 'State of Independence,' when Saul fools a Hezbollah security agent at the airport, and manages to bring back the one solid piece of evidence that Brody is not what he seems.
  • 'New Car Smell' gives us Carrie confronting Brody again. And with concrete evidence behind her, he doesn't stand a chance. She calls him out on his bullshit, the way he emotionally and mentally manipulated her, and then he's taken down by the team and led away.
    Carrie: If only the circumstances had been wildly different... You're a disgrace to your nation, Seargent Nicholas Brody. You're a traitor and a terrorist, and now it's time you pay for that.
  • To give Dana her due credit, she seems to be surprisingly mature for her age. She makes sure to break up with one boyfriend before going out with another, she picks up repeatedly on when things are wrong, and she has surprisingly serious conversations with her parents. And then things go wrong and she gets another series of moral level headed moments that establish she's not easily led and is very compassionate. After her boyfriend hits a woman and just keeps going, telling himself and her that everything is fine, clearly more concerned with his father's position than the possible vehicular homicide he committed, Dana has a series of these. She refuses to let it drop, skips school, goes to the hospital to check on the woman's condition, she confronts him repeatedly and basically seems to be the only one between the two of them that cares a human being is dead because of their actions. Her refusal to just sweep it under the rug is pretty damn brave for a teenager in her position. The trailer for the next episode hints she's still not letting it go. Goddamn, Dana.
  • The terrorist attack on the shop at the end of "A Gettysburg Address."
  • The Shakespearean death of Walden, betrayed and (at least/last) metaphorically killed by Brody, his political son and disciple as far as Walden knows.
    "You still don't get it, do you? I'm killing you"
  • Quinn not going through with the hit on Brody, and informing Estes at point blank range he only kills bad men. After having snuck into Estes' house. Jerk with a Heart of Gold indeed.

Season 3

  • The suppression of the six terrorists across the world in the premiere, viewed from Mission Control in pure Tom Clancy's style. Special mention to Quinn, who is given 10 mere minutes to Storm the Castle before the whole mission gets aborted. And he storms it.
  • Carrie at the end of "Uh... Oh... Ah..." telling Saul to fuck off, Hector Salamanca style.
  • Saul and Dar Adul trapping Senator Lockhart in the conference room to preserve their operation.
  • Brody doing his Determinator thing and going on ahead to the Iranian border come hell or high water.
    • and then doing a Batman Gambit to kill off Javadi's boss, Danesh Akbari.