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Heartwarming: High School Musical
  • The scene when Troy appears on Gabriella's balcony in 1.
  • The looks on Mr Bolton and Mrs Montez's faces when they see Troy and Gabriella singing on stage.
  • Gabriella coming back and doing a duet with Troy after having left in "Every Day."
  • Gabriella teaching Troy how to waltz "Can I Have This Dance" in 3 and then telling him 'yes' she'll go to the prom with him in every language known to man.
    • Bonus points for their dance being on the rooftop garden where they had their secret meeting in the first film.
  • The Wildcats reactions when Gabriella returns at the end of 3: Even though she screwed up and left, they're all just happy she's back. Pretty heartwarming for a character who started with no real friends.
  • Troy's graduation speech in 3. Tear Jerker, too, because damn, Zefron did it well.
  • Here's one involving the cast: They all stayed friends since the films, and when Monique Coleman was on Dancing With The Stars, Ashley Tisdale, Corbin Bleu, and Lucas Grabeel all showed up, brandishing pom-poms in East High colors to cheer for her.
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