Heartwarming / High School Musical

High School Musical

  • ''LikeKindergarten''
  • In the rooftop garden, the scene when Troy and Gabriella open up and admit to each other how much pressure they're both under and how lonely they are because of it. Troy even admits that the garden is the place he uses to get away from all the expectations. The fact he shares it with Gabriella - and so he can be himself, not 'the basketball guy' with her - is heartwarming all on its own.
  • The scene when Troy appears on Gabriella's balcony.
  • The looks on Mr. Bolton and Mrs. Montez's faces when they see Troy and Gabriella singing on stage.

High School Musical 2

  • Ryan and the Wildcats playing baseball together. Considering the Wildcats, and especially Chad's, general opinion on theater, to see them having a good-natured competition is really sweet.
    • Ryan and Chad actually switch clothes afterward. Even disregarding the blatant Ho Yay, it's nice to see those polar opposites genuinely enjoying each others' company.
  • Ryan and the East High gang working together on a number for the talent show. Even Troy looks touched when he sees it.
    • In fact, Ryan being able to really show off what he can do without being pushed into the shadows by his sister and being appreciated for it by people he had nothing to do with beforehand is quite touching. It's the first time we see him not being pushed around by Sharpay.
  • Sharpay awarding the Star Dazzle award to Ryan also counts. She just looks so proud of her brother.
  • Gabriella coming back and doing a duet with Troy after having left in "Every Day."

High School Musical 3: Senior Year

  • Gabriella teaching Troy how to waltz "Can I Have This Dance" on the rooftop garden and then telling him yes, she'll go to the prom with him in "every language".
  • The Wildcats' reactions when Gabriella returns at the end. Even though she screwed up and left, they're all just happy she's back. Pretty heartwarming for a character who started with no real friends.
  • Troy announcing during the end of the play that while he's still gonna play basketball in college, he's going to study musical theater too. The ultimate representation of him being true to himself.
    • Even bigger is his decision to attend the University of California-Berkeley, so he and Gabriella will only be 32.7 miles apart. Goes to show that no matter what decision he made, he didn't ever want to be without her.
  • Troy's graduation speech. Tear Jerker, too, because damn, Zefron did it well.
    • As soon as he's done, his dad puts on a baseball cap from Troy's college. It's small, but it's very sweet to see how enthusiastic he is about his son's decision.
    • During Troy's speech, we get a closeup of Gabriella and Sharpay sitting next to each other and they look very comfortable, happy even. After all the drama, they've found it in themselves to become friends.

Meta Examples

  • Sharpay and Ryan, in general, get a few moments. No matter how much she treats him like a stage hand or how different their opinions are on things, they genuinly love each other. Best shown that whenever Ryan does something good and gets praised for it, Sharpay is always the first there to congratulate him.
    • "I Want It All" is the twins envisioning their dreams coming true and they want to be together when it happens. For all her It's All About Me attitude, Sharpay wants her brother at her side.
    • Also, the Evans family is a walking CMOH. They are so ridiculously affectionate that one has to wonder why Ryan isn't as much of a Spoiled Brat as his sister.
  • Here's one involving the cast: They all stayed friends since the films, and when Monique Coleman was on Dancing With The Stars, Ashley Tisdale, Corbin Bleu, and Lucas Grabeel all showed up, brandishing pom-poms in East High colors to cheer for her.