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Heartwarming: Hannah Montana
  • Any episode that has Miley's mother involved.
  • One of Miley's motive for revealing her secret to the world. Her new love interest Jesse, who is an aspiring singer himself, publically kissed Miley with and without the wig. When people start calling Jesse a two timer, Miley's goes to his defense by taking her wig off on live tv. Just knowing that she is willing to give up Hannah for the sake of her boyfriend, is pretty special.
  • In the series finale, Miley is given the oprotunity to continue her fame without Hannah, she refuses so she can go to college with Lilly.
  • When Lilly and Oliver find out Jake cheated on Miley, and keep it a secret so it doesn't ruin their Christmas. Miley finds out and is upset that they kept it a secret, until her dad talks to her.
    Robby:: Jake did what he did because he was thinking about himself, Lilly and Oliver did what they did because they where thinking about you.
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