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YMMV: Hannah Montana
  • Acceptable Targets: Thor, a grossly-stereotypical fat character, is treated as mock-worthy. Pretty much all adults are also laughed at.
  • Anvilicious: At times, especially the episode where Oliver's diabetes is revealed.
    • Having John Cena extol the virtues of reading as he beats the crap out of Jackson is pretty darn close to a literal anvil drop.
    • Jesse's return episode. The message was certainly in the right place, but for the part of the audience that has already reached the state of mental maturity where its something that should already be subconsciously understood, the episode may come off as insincere, as well as frustrating when considering the episode before it.
  • Alternative Character Interpretation: The entire town from the movie. Are they supportive of Miley keeping her lives separate? Or completely uncaring about her baring her soul and finally being honest with herself as they'd rather just have the teen starlet?
  • Bizarro Episode: The episode "Kiss It All Goodbye", where Miley is suddenly hated and accused of being a liar, was highly implausible given Hannah's universal popularity and the initial warm reception to her revelation of the secret.
  • Creator's Pet: After being a side character during the first season, Rico gained intelligence, money, and sudden character importance that just came from nowhere.
  • Designated Villain: Mr. Bradley in the movie is treated as a villain just because he wants to build a mall. He doesn't even do anything villainous. The only passibly mean thing he does is taunt the town people they won't be able to stop him building that mall. Which is Stupid Evil, because those people are his potential customers. Miley actually thinks the mall development is a good idea at first before being told down by her grandmother.
    • It might be more about the idea of building a mall (a symbol of Conspicuous Consumption and urbanity) in the vicinity of Crawley Corners, a simple, folksy, rural community detached from the material world and big-city values that's pointed out to be a threat to Hannah's hometown and its values. Miley Stewart is, after all, being sent there by her father to remember her roots and relearn the values, morals and humility she was raised with, which the Hollywood celebrity life seems to have robbed her of.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Emily Osment.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: Miley/Lilly aka Liley is much more popular than Loliver or any of Miley's pairings.
  • Foe Yay: Miley experiences this with Jake at first before their relationship upgrade and Hannah has a ton with Mikayla.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Mikayla played by Selena Gomez is actually lip-synching her song. Though the fact that Selena's voice sounds better than the one on the song should be a giveaway.
    • Miley originally auditioned for Lilly, who is blonde and skateboards. Fast-forward to 2012 and this pic.
    • In "She's a Super Sneak", Miley is very excited about meeting Ashton Kutcher.
      • Also Angus T. Jones and Jon Cryer both guest-starred.
      • Become uncomfortable when Emily Osment guest-starred in which she makes out with Jake
    • Compare Miley's "punk rock Hannah" outfit in ""Yet Another Side Of Me" with her more recent stage outfits and onstage '80's pop-punk medleys, or for that matter, her performance covering "Rebel Yell" by Billy Idol in VH-1 Divas Live 2012 (especially with the punkier, shorter, spikier new "pixie-cut" hairstyle she started earlier that year).
    • The season 2 premiere showed Jackson meeting a new student named Thor. Miley Cyrus was up until the summer of 2013 currently engaged to Liam Hemsworth, who's brothers with Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth.
    • Miley retweeted this humorous Vine video to former castmate Jason Earles in late September 2013 (not created by her) following her notorious MTV Video Music Awards appearance earlier that month, involving Jackson and a foam finger. (slightly NSFW). Also counts with Lilly's remark about Miley Stewart performing in her underwear, as mentioned below.
    • Miley's Missi character in Two and a Half Men, a talkative, free-spirited young adult with a overexaggerated, strong Southern accent, isn't very far different from her Evil Twin "Cousin Luann" character in season 1's "Torn Between Two Hannahs".
    • Moises Arias and Jason Earles as boss and employee. The latter would have a similar, but inverted, relationship with the former's brother in a future Disney show.
  • Ho Yay: Rico and Jackson. Especially later on in the series. Jackson even (almost) accidentally kissed Rico!
  • Launcher of a Thousand Ships: Miley/Hannah has been paired with just about everyone by the fandom, including herself. (ex: Jiley, Liley, Moliver, Jacksannah, Mikiley and many, many more).
  • Les Yay: Several items can be interpreted as examples of Miley and Lilly's feelings for one another being more than platonic:
    • Lilly stated upon one occasion that seeing Miley perform in her underwear would be quite a show.
    • As per the Stupid Sexy Flanders entry below, Lilly once said she date Miley in a mustache.
    • In the Season 3 finale, Miley's primary reason for staying in California was she didn't want to leave Lilly. Lilly seemed utterly devastated when she thought both of her best friends are leaving, yet seems only mildly upset when she learns that Miley is staying, but Oliver is still leaving.
    • Mikayla also seemed very interested in Miley and her teasing of Hannah could be signs of a crush.
    • One could argue that the finale is one big Femslash story with Jesse and Oliver only appearing to remi...try to convince people that the girls are straight.
  • Uncanny Valley: Two little instances. One is during an episode where Jackson is battling a candy addiction, where in the ending he's spoken to in a seductive voice by a chocolate bunny. The second is when Jackson procures a ventriloquist doll, who comes alive at the end.
  • Relationship Sue: In season 4 Jesse suddenly goes from "bad boy" to "the perfect boyfriend".
  • Special Effect Failure: "This".
  • Strangled by the Red String: Lilly and Oliver have been friends for years. They've seen the best and worst of each other, the best and worst of times, and have been there for each other through all of it. Let's not forget that they have numerous common interests. Do the writers use any of these perfectly legitimate story elements as a basis for their Relationship Upgrade? Please, this is the Disney Channel! Instead, we get some contrived story about how her head fit into his neck and how she smelled like apples. And they go from being good friends to all PDA all the time. Even Miley gets sick of the Romantic Plot Tumor.
    • The decision was actually more curious because it seemed like there was a lot of subtext between Miley and Oliver up until the episode. Also consider that Moliver was more popular than Jiley and you'll wonder what the writers were thinking.
  • Tear Jerker: The finale. 51:18 of moments that mix between touching and striking hard.
  • The Woobie: Jackson counts. Despite his father being rich, he is reduced to a demeaning job for Rico, who tortures and humiliates him at every turn. Robbie spoils Miley shamelessly even as he castigates Jackson for the smallest offense. Miley is a complete brat to him, firing off insults every chance she gets, meaning almost every time they're in the same room. In one episode where he becomes amnesiac, Miley tricks him into becoming her slave. In another episode, she completely humiliates him at a party for supposedly spreading a rumor about her, despite having no actual proof.note  Even Uncle Earl, usually the Butt Monkey himself, said Jackson was an embarrassment to the family for the way he was dressed, when he was only wearing a costume to help Miley.

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