Heartwarming / Hakuouki

  • Chizuru, recognizing how much stress Hijikata is under and desperate to find a way to not be The Load, assumes the Pose of Supplication and begs him to allow her to help. He responds by lifting her chin with his hand, telling her that if she truly wants to help, and isn't asking for selfish reasons, then she shouldn't bow so easily but should proceed with conviction and with her head held high.
  • Most of the good endings count, even if they're on the bittersweet side.
  • Late in the first movie, as the Shinsengumi captains meet to discuss strategy during the Battle of Toba-Fushimi, Chizuru shows up with rice balls. After promising that she's already taken food around to the men, she persuades them to eat, but Hijikata wraps his up to save for later... correctly judging that Chizuru will not save any for herself. When she objects to taking it from him, they end up splitting it, Hijikata convincing Chizuru to take half by asking who's going to take care of the men if not her.
  • The Reimeiroku special where Hijikata becomes sick and everyone does something to try to help him out. Saito picks up medicine despite being sick himself. Okita makes rice porridge. Gen makes sweet bean soup with rice cake (Hijikata's favourite). Heisuke sorts out the paperwork. Ryu brings a citron fruit to cure colds. Kondou wants to do something but everyone else already did it. The best part? Hijikata is smiling throughout the whole interaction with Kondou.