Heartwarming / Grim Fandango

  • Practically everything about Glottis, especially once he becomes best friends with Manny. The big guy already lives and breathes endearing with his hammy, enthusiastic, child-like love of life, but the big brother/little brother-like relationship between the two of them is both inspiring and adorable beyond words. Some standout moments include:
    • Manny comforting a devastated Glottis after the two of them are fired, the event that sparked their friendship.
    • Manny finding out that Glottis survived going over the edge of the world.
    • After Manny, Glottis, and the rescued souls make it to the gates of the Ninth Underworld in Year 4, Glottis falls deathly ill and collapses. It turns out, he had been slowly dying during their entire journey there due to speed withdrawal, and didn't tell Manny because he didn't want him to worry. And Manny, despite the fact that he now has full right to walk straight into heaven and never look back, barely wastes a second of his time constructing a makeshift vehicle that will save Glottis and the other lost souls, compromising four years worth of travel and work that he has no proof he'll be able to make up again.
    • Crossing over with Tear Jerker, the farewells they exchange when Manny is finally able to travel into the Ninth Underworld. Manny, naturally, offers him a handshake, Glottis declines and instead gives him a tearful Bear Hug.
      Glottis: (choked up) You were the best boss I ever had.
  • Manny naming his boat after Lola.
  • Chepito's cheerfully strolling into the Ninth Underworld singing his Theme Song, "This Little Light O' Mine".
    • Also, his thanking Manny for setting him straight (he'd been walking in circles for years) - without Manny, he'd have never gone on to his final reward. Considering the two of them hadn't parted on good terms, it's quite a welcome scene.
  • At the beginning of the fourth act, Manny has traveled all the way to the Tunnel into the Ninth Underworld, which has been his goal the entire game and his only motivation at the start, and is now able to walk into it, leave everything behind and finally achieving his well-deserved rest. But he doesn't. He feels too much responsibility for all the poor people he's traveled with that he's determined to help them enter it first, even if he risks losing the opportunity himself.
    • Even better, this happens right after he witnesses Chepito go into the tunnel, so he knows for sure he can just go in as well. Chepito's scene is awesome enough that it can easily prompt the player to try and go there, and then Manny gives this response. Also, at this point it isn't really obvious what it would take to come all the way back here the second time, but once you've played the entire game and know that Manny just barely survived being sprouted near the end...
  • When Eva comments that Meche is quick to help with La Résistance, Manny beams and says, "She is the cause."
  • Everything about the ending:
    • Just the fact that after so many years of work, travel, and pain, Manny is finally able to ascend into the Ninth Underworld and meet his eternal rest.
    • Glottis and Manny's aforementioned farewell. Made better by the fact that Glottis finally has a job that he's completely happy with, and reassures Manny that he was indeed saved thanks to his efforts despite not being able to ascend into heaven. The fact he has a dozen new worshipful mini-Glottis friends doesn't hurt.
    • Everyone who had been slaves to Domino waving to Manny and Meche on the train, including the Angelitos.
    • Manny and Meche, as a last act before the two of them ascend into the Ninth Underworld, finally sharing a kiss.