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YMMV: Grim Fandango
  • Complete Monster: Hector LeMans is the man behind the corruption in the Department of Death. In the Land of the Dead, where how good of a person you were in life determines the means you're able to traverse the Underworld, the fastest way to get to the Land of Eternal Rest is on the Number Nine train, a train which covers the Four Year Journey of the Soul in four minutes instead of four years. A brutal mobster, Hector has infiltrated the DoD and stolen the Number Nine tickets belonging to the souls of the righteous, and counterfeits them in order to sell off to the rich. However, one's destiny can't be bought, and anyone who uses a counterfeit Number Nine ticket is plunged into hell's fiery depths. Meanwhile, the righteous souls Hector stole them from are left to wander the Land of the Dead until they're eventually kidnapped while traversing the ocean and sent to the coral mining factory owned by Hector at the Edge of the World. Here they are meant to be eternally enslaved so as to prevent Hector's misdeeds from coming to life. Probably the most evil thing Hector has done, however, is the commission of sprouting, a way to permanently kill those already dead. Special plant bullets are fired into the skeletal body, growing and spreading until the victim is completely overrun and is nothing more than an empty husk filled with flowers. Hector as capitalized on this, murdering hundreds and keeping their bodies as a field of flowers upon which he builds his hideout upon. Hector even has a greenhouse where preserves the corpses of his victims and tends to the flowers, keeping them as trophies of all who dare cross him. By the game's end he has Salvador's body sprouted and his head removed for questioning and shoots Manny with a slow-acting Sproutella which will keep him alive in agony for hours before eventually killing him. Despite all the pain and misery he's caused in the Land of the Dead, Hector doesn't care, as he merely wants to live like a king before using the stolen tickets to bribe his way into heaven.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: "Ninth Heaven"
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Oh, many. The game has a huge cast of characters and none of them are stock characters. One of the more memorable ones is Chowchilla Charlie, who is part Peter Lorre.
    Manny: I think slot machines attract an undesirable element.
    Charlie: Oh, we're all undesirable, Manny...
    Manny: Yeah, but your credit's no good to boot.
    • Bruno Martinez has three scenes, and steals the show each time.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The song "Turn Around" by They Might Be Giants seems reminiscent to some of the events in this game.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Nick sprouting Lola. Domino trying to murder Glottis. Olivia torturing Sal. Hector... OK, Hector was just always evil.
  • Nightmare Fuel: In Year 4, a Number Nine train carrying passengers who bought tickets (instead of earning them) turns into a demon and dives off the tracks into Hell.

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