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Heartwarming: Grave of the Fireflies
While this anime film contains far more Crowning Moment of Heartbreaking examples, some Crowning Moment of Hearwarming examples do exist.

  • When Setsukoís ghost rises from the ashes in the fruit tin and she starts to go towards Seita...only to find his ghost touching her on the shoulder and smiling. Her delighted expression clinches it.
  • Combined (naturally) with Tearjerker, thereís the scene right near the end, where Seita asks Setsuko what she would like to eat, not long before his visit to the bank, prompting this exchange...
    Setsuko: Tempura... Sashimi... Sour Jelly...
    Seita: Anything more?
    Setsuko: Ice cream... And I want to eat drops again.
    Seita: Drops, huh? Alright! Iíll go withdraw all the savings. Iíll bring back all that you wanted to eat.
    Setsuko: (Clings to Seita) I don't want anything. Just stay here, big brother. Donít go. Donít go. Please donít go.
  • Setsuko dancing around and chanting ĎFruit drop! Fruit drop!í after Seita first gives her one is just too adorable for words.
  • Arguably the final scene when Setsuko and Seita sit contentedly on a bench overlooking Kobe. Knowing that both are together in their afterlife.

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