Heartwarming / Get Backers

  • How about Ginji's speech to Himiko in act three about how she has lonely eyes that don't trust anyone, and he used to have the same eyes until he met Ban.
  • Ban's lines to Himeko in episode 5:
    Ban: "If you want my life, you can have it - for what it's worth. You can take it if you want. But I can't go just yet...not until I've kept my promise to Yamato."
  • The part where Juubei admits to Kazuki that he had always planned to follow him in death once Makubex's plan was complete.
  • Episode 35 has Ginji practically solo-ing a request to retrieve a rare blood type that was taken while en route to the hospital for a little girl's blood transfusion.
    • In the same episode - HEVN, having been entrusted to make sure that the girl survives long enough, breeches hospital protocol to bring the dying girl a puppy, throwing nurses off of her to do so.
  • How about the scene in the "Return To Infinity Fortress" arc where Ban is fighting Fudou and he senses Ginji going Lightning Lord, and he thinks, "Ginji, you're not like me, right?"
  • Any scene between Amon and Haruki Emishi.
  • Maria Noches' speech to Ban about how she has come to see him like a son and will fight for him until the end during the Queen's Cup. Awww.
  • The flashbacks of Der Kaiser, which shows his friendship with Paul, how much he loves his son Ban, and that Paul was actually the one who named Ban.
  • Also a Tear Jerker at the same time - the unification of the seven Miroku siblings, with each persona appearing before Yukihiko for the last time and Natsuhiko making peace with Ban before he finally disappears. With the fact that his father and elder siblings already died a long time ago, this makes Yukihiko the sole Miroku remaining.
    • Then as Yukihiko laments that he never knew Eris, his intended fiancee, and thus never feels the affection for her as the other 6 did, Ban uses the Evil Eyes to give Yukihiko an illusion of seeing Eris, Ban, himself and the other 6 (in separate bodies) playing together as children.
  • The culmination of Kazuki's battle with his archenemy Yohan, his little brother. Even though Yohan insists on his Death Wish and his intent of Taking You with Me, Kazuki refuses to believe that Yohan actually wants to die and claims he knows Yohan deeply regrets the deaths he caused. Then he uses the Phoenix, a secret technique taught by his mother to summon the spirits of their parents and the dead Fuuchouin retainers to let Yohan know they forgive his sins. This makes Yohan break down in tears and apologize to his family. As the brothers embrace, Kazuki remembers his mother's dying words telling him to go to Mugenjou and realizes what she meant all along: he had to be there not for vengeance, but reconciliation with Yohan.
  • Though it ends the epic fight between Masaki and Ginji rather anticlimatically, Hevn actually stops Masaki in his track and wins him back by declaring her love for him.
  • During the end of the manga, we see finally see Himiko together with her brother Ban Midou.
  • If Ban doesn't use his Evil Eyes to create monstrous nightmares or fanservice-y fantasy, he uses them to let his clients relive the most heartwarming moments of their lives, and it's worth every second of the 1 minute limit allowed:
    • He lets the dying homeless old man in the first arc see his lost daughter for the one last time.
    • The client Kinue in the Makineko arc gets to relive her aborted wedding day with her fiancÚ.
    • The client Ishikura and his opponent (former friend) Colonel Blood in the Marine Red arc are momentarily reunited with their mutual crush, the late Dr. Nadia, and the trio enjoy Nadia's wine together.
    • In the tag game following the Kiryuudo arc, he casts the Evil Eyes on everyone in the fortress and creates an illusion of Amon Natsuki for the sake of Emishi, who was grieving for his friend. Haruki and Emishi get to act as a comedy duo for the final time before Amon bids Emishi farewell and disappears, which he did not manage to do the last time.