Heartwarming / Get Backers

  • How about Ginji's speech to Himiko in act three about how she has lonely eyes that don't trust anyone, and he used to have the same eyes until he met Ban.
  • Ban's lines to Himeko in episode 5:
    Ban: "If you want my life, you can have it - for what it's worth. You can take it if you want. But I can't go just yet...not until I've kept my promise to Yamato."
  • The part where Juubei admitsd to Kazuki that he had always planned to follow him in death once Makubex's plan was complete.
  • Episode 35 has Ginji practically solo-ing a request to retrieve a rare blood type that was taken while en route to the hospital for a little girl's blood transfusion.
    • In the same episode - HEVN, having been entrusted to make sure that the girl survives long enough, breeches hospital protocol to bring the dying girl a puppy, throwing nurses off of her to do so.
  • How about the scene in the "Return To Infinity Fortress" arc where Ban is fighting Fudou and he senses Ginji going Lightning Lord, and he thinks, "Ginji, you're not like me, right?"
  • Any scene between Amon and Haruki Emishi.
  • Maria Noches' speech to Ban about how she has come to see him like a son and will fight for him until the end during the Queen's Cup. Awww.
  • During the end of the manga, we see finally see Himiko together with her brother Ban Midou.