Heartwarming / Geist: The Sin-Eaters

  • Sin-eaters of the Advocate Archetype dedicate themselves to helping out the dead, and ensuring that they finish their Unfinished Business so they can move on. While not always heartwarming, it's hard not to get a tear in your eye when you help someone pass on by, say, telling a man's daughter that he loved her.
  • One of the small texts in the book describes a Sin-Eater offering a ride to the ghost of a girl who died during her highschool prom. As he is driving, they discuss about love and life, and the Sin-Eater assures her that her father loves her very much, and will always remember her. As they are driving pass a cemetary, the ghost of the girl disappears, having moved on to the afterlife, and the Sin-Eater smiles, whispering a prayer to ease her path before moving on to help more wandering souls.
  • The Preys' stereotype toward vampires is surprisingly nice:
  • The Deathmasks are Mementos created by the death of a Geist, when its remain merge with its Keystone to result in a mask-like artifact. This in itself isn't particularly heartwarmning. But what makes it so is the fact many Sin-Eaters wear them as a mean to honor the death of their peers and remember them.