Heartwarming / GA Geijutsuka Art Design Class

  • Perhaps unexpectedly, "Professor" (Miyabi, that is) is the source of a number of these. Unexpectedly, as she is the one shose emotions are most difficult to read.
    • Noda and Tomokane start playing tag, which turns into color tag later. The other three are drawn into it, despite Kisaragi's attempts to stay out. Kisaragi is reminded of her childhood attempts to play and how lonely it is when you're playing technically "with" your friends but you're all alone because they're running away, and starts to cry. Miyabi then intentionally takes the "it-ness" to herself and buries it in the courtyard.
    • Noda anthropomorphized several containers of poster paint, and made up a story of a container of black poster paint, journeying to find acceptance. It's rejected by Tomokane, who cites several problems with using it. As they're cleaning up, however, Miyabi, who loves the color black, picks up the container and has Love Bubbles for it.
    • Miyabi takes the 4-[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kyū kyu] lettering exam instead of 2-or-3-kyu, as she'd rather have an accreditation that matches her friends' than a higher one she could still easily earn.
    • Mizubuchi goes into the storage room and gets stuck, and finds Miyabi there.
      • After Miyabi tells Mizubuchi how she met Kisaragi and came to be called "Professor":
    Miyabi: Before, I had only been called Oomichi-san... ...so at first I was unfomfortable. However, since everyone enjoyed being with me just the way I am... ...I had quite an enjoyable first term.
    • And after they get out:
    Mizubuchi: By the way, why were you so sure that you'd be found?
    Miyabi: I was not sure... ...but I just rebembered... ...that ever since coming to this school... ...I have never gone home alone.
    • Noda is trying to get information about a "living national treasure" without giving away that one of the engravings for the graduation art project is relevant to the discussion. She asks Miyabi how much she would sell a bear carving for if she had made it, given it to her, and later became famous.
    Miyabi: I would never sell anything you gave me, Noda-dono......
  • At the end of a school day that Namiko's been out sick for, she sends this text to Kisaragi:
    Sorry... when I'm sick I get lonely, so... thanks for being there (smile)
  • A couple of the girls check up on Usami-sensei after she fainted, having come to school with a summer cold. Unsure if she's even awake, they still manage to amuse her with vegetable-assisted silhouettes.
  • Natsuki reunites with Kisaragi at the cultural festival, and glomps her. Their excited jumping together when Kisaragi recognizes her back is just so adorable!