Heartwarming: Fairytale Novels

  • Though Blanche initially acts cold to having a stranger in her house, Jean and Rose immediately warm up to Bear. Especially touching when Jean believes Bear when he says he didn't do drugs like he was framed for doing.
  • Bear and Blanche having a good time at the prom, till they're forced to leave.
    Bear: You're drinking in the joy of life,' Bear told her when she tried to explain why she was laughing. 'There's so much opportunity for drinking deeply of it, and we very rarely do it. When you do, it makes you feel alive all over.
  • Rose continuously protecting her big sister in school.
    Blanche: By the way, thanks for rescuing me.
    Rose: No problem.
  • All Fish goes through for Rose in Waking Rose, despite how cool and detached he had been towards her for the past three books.
  • Easy to not notice, but it's rather sweet how both sisters wish they could be a little more like the other. Blanche wishes she had Rose's courage, and Rose wishes she had Blanche's cautious judgment. Also noticeable in what the girls' dad tells Blanche before he dies, warning her to be careful what college she chooses to go to, because Rose does whatever Blanche does. The girls have a beautiful relationship and look up to each other.
  • The sick, elderly CEO Jack Fairston Blanche befriends regretting how he treated his sons, and Bear and Fish forgiving him before he dies.
  • Blanche and Bear can be pretty cute as a couple. When they compare one another to unicorns:
    "She couldn't help smiling at him. 'We were laboring under the mutual impression that our species were mythological.'
    He grinned. 'Well, now that we have met each other, let's make a bargain. I'll believe in you if you believe in me. Is that fair?'"