Heartwarming / Fablehaven

  • Dale and Warren being reunited after about two years and embracing after the latter is restored.

  • Lena and Patton! Basically everything about their story...
    • Especially When they meet again in Grip of the Shadow Plague and Lena leaps out of the pond right into his arms, choosing the abandon her immortal life all over again
      • And Lena sacrificing herself in order to preserve her relationship with Patton.

  • At the start of Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary when Seth the thinks that Kendra is dead...
    • Quote: "You better leave," Seth sobbed, cheeks soaked with tears...

  • Before the opening of Zzyzx, to lighten the tension, people begin to make bets on who will be the last one standing. Bracken says his money goes on Hugo, only for Hugo to reply with: "No. Not last. Hugo save Seth. Hugo save Kendra."

  • Even though they don't even know him very well at that point, Newel and Doren hold off Olloch armed with nothing but tennis rackets, so that Seth can escape.
    • Later, in Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary when Seth tells Newel and Doren that Kendra is dead they apologize and try to cheer him up. Those two may be the comic relief, but they're good friends.

  • Kendra using The Sands of Sanctity to heal Vanessa Even after everything Vanessa had done to Kendra and her family.
    • Vanessa doesn't forget it either.