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Heartwarming: FTL: Faster Than Light
  • One of the random events is a bit funny about this. But ultimately in short, you are attacked by the Zoltan, you fight them off, and then the ship hails a cease fire, as it turns out, its captain was testing you, to see if a diverse crew could work together and protect your ship, and since you just did, he joins you.
    • Alternatively, if you found your heart less than warmed by his choice to lob missiles at your ship, potentially costing you hull damage and killing your crew, there's absolutely nothing stopping you from making him walk into an airlock and then airlocking him.
  • The Grand Basilisk of Numa V event. If you choose not to sell out the bride you've been escorting in exchange for weaponry, she's so thankful for being freed from her Arranged Marriage that she immediately joins your crew and helps you fight her kidnappers slash would-be groom's escorts.
  • Letting KazaaakplethKilik participate in and destroying the Rebel Flagship could be this in a way. You saved his life and redeemed him from thievery to become a legendary hero of the Federation.
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