Nightmare Fuel / FTL: Faster Than Light

"This was supposed to be for use in Nebulas and other, more creepy areas, but listen to the thing! FTL is not a psychological horror game, and this track was way too freaky and claustrophobic. Still pretty cool, though."
Ben Prunty, the composer of the FTL soundtrack, on the Cut Song "Horror"

FTL: Faster Than Light is light on graphic depictions of violence and horror, leaving it up to the player's imagination to fill in the gruesome blanks.

The Nightmare Fuel must have a Zoltan Shield Bypass!

  • The Giant Spiders Random Event. The first possible option is sending in your crew, and if you're unlucky, your crew gets to deal with massive spiders coming out of a vent, before you finally leave, losing a crew member in the process.
  • The Damaged and Dilapidated Space Station Random Event. The whole place is filled with corpses and the stench of death and decay. If you're unlucky, one of your crew members can contract the fatal disease that wiped out the station, and not even a Clone Bay will save them (an Improved Medbay will, though).
  • An event that involves boarding a station going through an epidemic is freaky in itself. Some versions of the event have the stationers breaking under the stress and lynching the leaders of the colony that are trying to save them. You get to see first hand how the end started for those poor people.
  • Then there's another disturbing event where you go to a distress beacon for a Federation base. There's no one alive on board the station and the living quarters and only the living quarters have blood stains. There's no mention of what happened to the bodies if they are even still there or the people aboard besides that the Rebels did it. You crew just silently turns off the distress beacon and leave.
  • Nebula sectors can be frightening due to the empty-sounding explore music.
  • On the original soundtrack, there is a bonus track aptly called "Horror". This was supposed to be one of the nebula sector tracks, but was removed because it was considered too scary. So if you think the current nebula tracks are scary, be glad this track didn't make it in.
  • When enemy crew die, they don't make any noises. When your crew die, you get to hear anywhere from the grinding clank of Engis being dismantled to humans groaning in pain as their last bits of HP are wiped out.
  • The Explore version of "Debris" sounds very lonely and ghostly, painting the feeling of exploring abandoned wreckage in dark areas of space. The Battle version sounds less ominous, but is reminiscent of alien abductions.
  • For those fighting the Flagship's second phase for the first time, the distinct "WARNING — POWER SURGE DETECTED" klaxon gives you that dreadful feeling that something very, very bad is about to happen to your ship.
  • Some of the "uneventful" beacons. There are quite a few beacons where you find abandoned mines and no life signs are detected, with no clues given as to why they're completely empty. And then there's the event where "a rudimentary automated planetary defense system is looping its message into space: "Warning! Quarantine Level 5 in effect under FHA Act 22, article 11.2. Warning! Quarantine Level 5..." - Just what is going on there?