Heartwarming: Erik the Viking

  • Despite how ever the top it's played out, theirs something very sweet about the mothers and wives concern for the men as they set out on there quest for Valhalla.
    Harald: (in a comforting tone) It's all phantasy, their is no edge to the world. Their is no dragon of the north sea.
    Weeping Woman: (crying) That's what you say! (Harald then gives the woman a comforting hug)
  • When Aud tries desperately to convince Erik to let the ship fly off the edge of the world.
    Aud: Do you believe I love you?!
    Erik: ...Yes I do!
  • Sven finding his grandfather in Valhalla near the end of the film. Also, Sven's Dad recognized him even though he was disfigured from the injuries he kept when he died.
  • While Erik and the crew are being cast out of Valhalla and cast into Hel. Watching the crewmates who were killed, like Snorri and Thorfinn attempts to save them was very touching.
    Snorri: (grabs ahold of Erik) Erik!
    Erik: Ugh, let go Snorri!
    Snorri: I've got you!