Heartwarming / Enemy Mine

  • Ignoring that Jerry never found out who Mickey Mouse really was, it's still heartwarming when Davidge calls him(?) out on an argument they had earlier:
    Davidge: "Oh, Shizumaat is too good for us humans, is that it!?"
    Jeriba: "Not too good for humans, but too good for you!"
    Jeriba: "Do you not remember what you said about Shizumaat?"
    Davidge: "Yeah, well maybe you forgot what you said about Mickey Mouse!"
    Jeriba: *shamed* "...That was wrong. I... did not mean it."
    • And after Davidge apologizes for insulting Shizumaat, Jerry gives him the holy book to keep.
  • Could also classify as a Tearjerker: Jeri's song to Davidge as they reminisce about their families. Jeri sings in his native language, recounting the lineage he comes from, including their accomplishments and names. As the song goes on, Jeri begins to cry. He misses his family and his home. All Davidge can do is watch in astonishment.
  • The fact that, when Jeri is attacked by the Pit Fiend out for revenge, Davidge doesn't hesitate a second to grab a handful of hot coals with his bare hands and fry the inside of its mouth a second time, saving Jeri's life.
  • The last 15 minutes of the film is sure to evoke tears, especially when Davidge finds Zammis, and when Davidge's name is included in the family roll call as "Uncle".
    • Also, when the elder Drac in the slave camp says in an enlightened tone, "Ah, you are 'Uncle'!"
  • The tagline itself: