Heartwarming / Enemy Mine

  • Ignoring that Jerry never found out who Mickey Mouse really was, it's still heartwarming when Davidge calls him(?) out on an argument they had earlier:
    Davidge: "Oh, Shizumaat is too good for us humans, is that it!?"
    Jeriba: "Not too good for humans, but too good for you!"
    Jeriba: "Do you not remember what you said about Shizumaat?"
    Davidge: "Yeah, well maybe you forgot what you said about Mickey Mouse!"
    Jeriba: *shamed* "...That was wrong. I... did not mean it."
    • And after Davidge apologizes for insulting Shizumaat, Jerry gives him the holy book to keep.
  • The last 15 minutes of the film is sure to evoke tears, especially when Davidge finds Zammis, and when Davidge's name is included in the family roll call as "Uncle".
    • Also, when the elder Drac in the slave camp says in an enlightened tone, "Ah, you are 'Uncle'!"