Heartwarming / Emma Blackery

  • Her Draw My Life video.
  • The "2013" video. Harsher in Hindsight of certain people in the clips aside, it's impossible not to melt when she keeps tearing over how amazing the year has been for her.
  • The Promise, her original song.
    As you do right now, you'll make it somehow
    And even if you feel as though you have no friends
    Except the blade that cuts your skin
    You're better than this, you're worth more than this
  • The "shaving my head for charity" video. Three big things stand out: the fact that she did it in the first place considering how much her hair meant to her, the audience singing "The Promise" in her direction, and when she's overwhelmed and crying after the shave, going right for a hug from Luke (made better that he was secretly her boyfriend at the time).
  • In a 04/03/15 livestream, admitting shame for a early Black Face joke she did, her and Luke talking about if they had transgender or gay kids (either separately or together) they'd completely support said kids, and when they moved onto anorexia, telling everyone watching to go grab a snack.
  • In 2016, showing that you should never give up after achieving her childhood dream of playing with Busted after being invited to support their "Pigs Can Fly" reunion tour.
  • The "#ProudOfEmmaBlackery" movement, consisting of tons of people saying how much Emma means to them. Not only was it trending on Twitter at some point, but on her Snapchat story responding to the trend it very visibly brought her to Tears of Joy.