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Heartwarming: Drew Carey's Improv-A-Ganza
  • The new game "First Date" as a whole. Drew scores a jackpot of a different sort with the first couple that takes part, who have been together for 35 years. And they take jabs at each other on stage to boot.
  • Something between this and CMoF happens when an even older couple comes up in one "Song for a Lady", the lady in this case, Jeannie, turning out to be a Dirty Old Woman - and Jeff and Jonathan just go with it when the song starts.
    Jeff: "Jeannie, you're on the list, and I shudder to think of how you injured your wrist!"
  • Also CMoH/F-worthy is the time Heather Anne picked an audience member just because it was her birthday, leading to Drew, Ryan, Jeff, Chip and Jonathan breaking into an impromptu chorus:
    "Thiiiiiis iiiiiis yooooour birthday song, it isn't very long-" (all cutoff at the same point)
  • One game of "Freeze Tag" has Greg acting as Drew's mirror image, until Drew gets the idea to do a feint - but Greg catches his timing perfectly. And Greg's face breaks out in a big, genuine smile you really don't expect from the resident Snark Knight.

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