Heartwarming: Disney Fairies

  • Vidia's story in "Vidia and the Fairy Crown", she's been cast under a shadow of suspicion when one day the fairy Queen's crown was found missing. Everyone believed Vidia was guilty except for kindhearted Prilla, one of the youngest Fairies. This starts off the adventure of finding the Queen's crown. So, Vidia and Prilla play detective and try to find out what really happened to the crown. Their investigation leads from one place to another. In the end, it's exhausting, but Vidia ends up finding the crown. She has a brief moment of weakness, and considers keeping the crown for herself just to spite everyone, but overcomes the Friend or Idol Decision, giving up a chance to get back at those who accused her for her new friend.
    • Let's face it, everyone got at least one at some point:
    • Prilla being nice to Vidia because she assumed she was acting that way because she must be lonely.
    • Dupe together with Vidia, Prilla and Nora tried on all the crowns (remember this is a guy who could very easily think that kind of effort to silly). He then testified to further help prove Vidia's innocence.
    • Nora together with Vidia, Prilla and Dupe tried on all the crowns until the right one was found. And even testified along with the others to prove to Queen Clarion what happened.
  • Queen Clarion and Lord Milori's kiss at the end of "Secret of the Wings".
  • In "Tinkerbell and the Pirate Fairy", Tink excitedly says "that's my sister!" when Periwinkle is performing with the other winter fairies. Later on, when Tink, Zarina and co. perform with the fairy dust alchemy you can see Periwinkle trading looks with a friend as she points out Tink with a grin on her face.
    • When the girls get Zarina to come back home with them.
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