Funny / Disney Fairies

  • Silvermist is a walking CMOF most of the time.
    Silvermist: [after Terence tells her that Tink exploded]note She exploded?!
    Silvermist: [after being asked if she saw a meteor falling] No, but have you seen a green light falling from the sky?
  • Tinker Bell's failed attempts at trying to make dewdrops, which wind up drenching everyone else. Silvermist then subtly shoves her off onto Iridessa, much to said fairy's shock.
    Silvermist: You know, you always struck me as a light fairy kind of gal...
    Iridessa: GAH!
  • In The Lost Treasure movie, after the scene with Terence asking the owl for advice (Which is pretty funny itself), there's something about the part afterwards where Fairy Gary confides in the owl.
    Gary: The fellows are making fun of my kilt again.
    Owl: Hoo?
    Gary: The guys at the depot! They keep calling it a skirt...
    • The two trolls arguing with each other about the "grind your bones to make our bread" threat.
    • After Tink's argument with Terence, there's this exchange between Terence and Silvermist:
    Terence: There was an accident, and she just...she just exploded. I-
    Silvermist: She exploded?
    • After the Moonstone breaks, Tinker Bell subtly tries to ask Fairy Mary if they possibly had another one. When she informs Tink that the one she's been given was the only one found in the last century and that Pixie Hollow would suffer greatly without it, she faints dead away. Fairy Mary mistook this for work fatigue.
    • Fairy Mary fainting dead away after seeing the Moonstone in pieces.
  • In The Great Fairy Rescue, after crashing their boat, Fawn sees what she thinks is her foot disjointed. She twist it, and Rosetta wakes up screaming. Fawn apologises and twist it back into place.
    • Rosetta has to cross the muddy water. She takes off her shoes and then puts her feet in, muttering "Eww, squishy."
    • Tinker Bell fiddling with the car engine, where she accidentally empties the water tank on Vidia.
  • In Secret of the Wings, Tinker Bell and Periwinkle ice skate together, then wind up crashing into a snow slope. A moment later, a thick blanket of snow drops on the both of them.
    • Tinker Bell trying to explain to her friends what she thought the shining of her wings meant before getting in Rosetta's face. Rosetta and the others could only put up forced nervous smiles before Rosetta whispers to the others to go get the doctor.
  • Most of Clank and Bobbles' interactions.
    • Like this gem:
    Bobble: [realizes Tink is gone; To Clank] Have you seen Tink?
    Clank: [wearing earplugs] No, thank you! Not thirsty.
    Bobble: No, not "Drink", Tink!
    Clank: Pink? I like purple, meself.
    Clank: What?! [sniffs his armpit] I do NOT stink! Maybe it's you, eh? [takes out earplugs] Hey, have you seen Tink?
    [Annoyed, Bobble drops his head into the table]
  • In The Pirate Fairy, everything involving our baby crocodile swallowing that clock (his eyes even 'twitch' with every tick), and chasing after James, aka Captain Hook.
    • The reaction of the clock's owner to the crocodile eating it:
    You ate my mummy's clock? What was wrong with the spatula?
    • James saying "Tea, Earl Grey, hot" as a rather bizarre reference to Star Trek: The Next Generation.
    • One of the pirates suggests that they should make Zarina "walk a tiny little plank". The other pirates enthusiastically agree, except for James, who gives this absolutely priceless response:
  • The scene following the girls discovering their talents had been switched.
    • Silvermist gets seasick on the pirate ship.
    Silvermist: (sick) This never happened when I was a water fairy.
    • Later, she's seen barfing her guts out in a nearby mug. Hope no one drank from it later...
    • Tink accidentally splashing the other girls with her new water powers. Their reactions to it is absolutely hilarious.
    Tinker Bell: Silvermist, can you part the... (She touches the water, and it splashes onto the girls)
    Rosetta: Shut it off, shut it off. (As Ro says this line, Vidia spits out some water)
    Tinker Bell: I didn't do anything. I just... (Touches the water again and the water flows back)
    (Cue more protests)
    Vidia: Tink! Could you stop not doing anything?
    • Fawn accidentally burning Rosetta's hair. Rosetta doesn't find out until after they get rid of the pirates, and screams.
    • Vidia's sheer horror and disgust at turning into a Tinker Fairy of all things. She reacts to Tink's trademark puffballs being on her feet like a swarm of writhing maggots are devouring her legs.
      • To add to that, while Fawn thinks this is as hilarious as the audience does, Tink looks gobsmacked when she realised her former rival ended up with her talent. Let's just say Tink was lucky she didn't end up being a Fast-Flying fairy this time...
  • Tinker Bell's attempts to get the baby bird to make its first flight. Just the look of sheer mortal terror on the tiny bird's face, then culminating with a bird's-eye look at Tink's overly-excited face darting in and out, scaring it further.
  • How To Build A Snowman: Vidia cracking up, Nelson Muntz-style, at a giant snowball slamming into Rosetta & Silvermist, carrying them off ("HA-HA!"), only to be scooped up by another one.
  • A pair of Pirate Fairy shorts, one featuring Vidia being scooped into a treasure chest and thrown about ("A little pirate treasure's not gonna hurt ya!" "YOU DON'T KNOW THAT, TINK!"), and another where the girls agitate Vidia more and more trying to get her to go along with their Pirate imitation game ("AAAAAARGH!" "NOT. DOING IT!").
  • Short We're Lost, after getting directions from a spider.
    Tink: Yes, Blaze, you're right. We should've just checked the Web in the first place.
  • From Fairy Dust and The Quest For The Egg
    Prilla: (After sampling one of Dulcie's Rolls) Tink, I've found my special talent! It's eating!
    Tink: That's not a talent!