Heartwarming / Dick Figures

  • The movie ends on a heartwarming note, with Blue and Red reconciling their friendship, and Blue and Pink finally having an episode that doesn't culminate in a ruined date.
  • The series finale, Figured Out, is primarily this. Blue and Pink get married, as do Red and Stacy, although the latter pair eventually break up over arguments. Red reconciles with Stacy's sister Purple, who he's consistently derided over the entire series. With her self-esteem restored, Purple gradually turns into a normal stick figure as her relationship with Red develops. Stacy pursues a nursing job and helps deliver Pink and Purple's kids, and is visibly on good terms with Red despite their break-up. Red and Blue's daughters meet in kindergarten and look to have a promising friendship as their fathers did. The episode ends with Red and Blue meeting on the street by chance, catching up with each other before heading off to watch cartoons together. Considering how batshit insane the series is and how often Blue gets shafted, this sort of ending came as a very heartwarming surprise.
  • In the episode "Happy Birthdump" Red has a Pet the Dog moment when he takes Blue to a Mexican restaurant for his birthday, he even mentions that he was saving up a lot of money just to pay for the food!
    • Also near the ending, Pink, Stacy, Lord Tourettes, Broseph, The Raccoon and the "fat ugly girl" throw a surprise party for Blue. Although it's kinda Subverted in the end when both Blue and Red shit their pants.