Funny / Dick Figures

  • This little moment in Traffic Jams.
    Blue: IS THAT A TURTLE?!
  • "I'm free mothafuckaaaa!"
  • "Boom, headshot! Killing spree! Running riot! Killtacular! I'm Batman!"
  • Blue faking French in "Trouble Date".
    Pink: I didn't know you speak French. That's so cultural.
    Blue: Konichiwa.
    Raccoon: (clearly offended) What.
    • Basically the entirety of "Trouble Date" is a Crowning Moment of Funny, but everything that happens after Blue's dinner is received deserves a mention.
    (Red takes one of Blue's oysters.)
    Blue: Uh, buddy, that's my dinner.
    (Red and Stacy begin looking seductively at each other. He opens up the oyster...)
    Blue: Red, what are you doing—(he shoves the oyster all over his face, literally) OH GOD, THAT'S GROSS, UHH!!!!
    (Stacy slowly pulls out an entire loaf of bread...)
    Blue: NOOOO!!!!
    Pink: Ew!
    (...and then eats it all up. Red then eats up the desert.)
    Blue: Aaaaaand there goes our main desert.
    Stacy: Oh, BABY. (she grabs a candlestick...)
    Blue: Oh, what are you doing?!
    (...she vigorously licks it...)
    Blue: Oh, no. OH, NO. OH, NO!!!! OH, NOO!!!!! OOOOOH!!!!!
    (...and then blows it out, causing the floral centerpiece to catch fire randomly)
    Blue: ALRIGHT, THAT'S It!!!!
    (Red and Stacy proceed to embrace and make out all over the table)
    Pink: (sighs) Take me home.
    Stacy: OH, TAKE ME HOOME!!!!!
    Red: Oh, yeah, let's go have sex in BLUE'S bed!
    (then THEY catch on fire)
  • Red literally scaring the shit out of Blue in Sex Marks the Spot.
  • "WAIT I CAN'T FLY" (cut to outro)
  • Red's reaction to using up 99% of the internet to find the perfect boobs.
    "Only 99%?!"
  • Lord Tourettes. Just Tourettes. Especially his story in Bros Night.
    • His debut appearance in "Role Playas". It leads to Red chopping his head off.
    • Lord Tourettes' hat is what makes him Sir Swears-a-Lot. So when he loses it in "Lord Tourettes' Syndrome"...
    Lord Tourettes: I feel really fu....fu.....SO SAD!!!!!! Without it!
  • Pizza, pizza, mo meatsa, banana fana fo CANNIBALISM."
  • In "The Red Devil", Red and Blue go to a burro show.
    Red: Man, this place is crazy!
    Blue: (crying) That poor donkey... *sobs* That poor woman...
    Red: Dude, everyone here is poor!
  • In "Happy Birthdump", eating terrible Mexican food leaves Red and Blue having to take a massive crap. After finally getting home to poop, they're greeted with a surprise party and end up going in their pants.