Heartwarming / Dengeki Sentai Changeman

  • Episode 19 is a big one about trust, especially if you are a Sayaka fan. Basically, to fight a flying Space Beast, Sayaka invented an anti-gravity belt to let the team fly, but she didn't test it first, so on the first try, it malfunctioned and hurt the whole team. When Sayaka apologized and wanted to try again after tuning up, Hayate, Oozora and even Mai got angry and stormed off, after calling out if Sayaka planned to murder them all. There's only Tsurugi who trusted her and volunteered in testing, in spite of various malfunctions and wounds he suffered during said testing, and eventually, the experiment ends up successful, Space Beast beaten, and everyone trust Sayaka again, because of Tsurugi's insistence to trust her. In the end, Sayaka expressed her utmost gratitude to Tsurugi and both shook hands to the point of everyone thinking there's a big Ship Tease between the two.