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Headscratchers: Dengeki Sentai Changeman
  • Okay, just like what I did to Dai Sentai Goggle Five, I'd say the arrangement of the Five-Man Band of this show kinda bugs me. So... Yuuma is The Chick because he's The Heart and Friend to All Living Things? How did you come up with that? The closest thing he got for Friend to All Living Things is that he treats animals nicely, they don't flock to him automatically anytime he's near. And... The Heart? I haven't watched to the end, but exactly WHEN does he makes a point that makes every team member realizes that they're doing it wrong? Or did you slap him with The Chick position because Sayaka was the more obvious 'Smart Guy' when you look from the outside (rather than being The Chick), and there's no other position available for Yuuma except The Chick?
    • Yes, I viewed Sayaka as the more obvious Smart Guy. I put him more in the position of The Chick/ The Heart because he seemed the most idealistic (i.e. the mid-season arc (32-36) where, as I remember, the Earth Force supposedly saved them from certain doom. He was the only one convinced that's what happened, and was disheartened when the others didn't believe him). He also seemed the most relatable to kids (the episode with the Hollywood Tone-Deaf kid) and animals (the episode with the horse). Acknowledging that he's the mechanic and kind of a smartass, I also put in the Five-Man Band spot that he can be placed into The Smart Guy category.
    • I stand corrected. (Also have finished Changeman and I threw that question above before actually finishing it) Though one of the Sentai wikia and a Changeman spoiler site noted that his fighting style relies more on power (while Hayate relies on speed), so... he could be The Big Guy (secondary) as well?
    • I guess. You can note that on Pegasus's entry on the character page.
  • it just me or do the Changeman outfits have bras on them?
    • Training Bras to be precise...
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