Heartwarming / Cyrano de Bergerac

  • The second-to-last scene. This troper can't even read it without tears; he loved her so much.
    • To elaborate: Roxanne declares her love to Christian, and apologizes for first loving his beauty instead of his soul. She assures him she loves his soul now, and would love him even if he were ugly. Christian is distraught, almost in tears because he knows it is not his soul she loves. He runs away, leaving her confused, and the audience is afraid he will do something drastic. He does - he finds Cyrano, and pulls him from the fight to confess the entire ruse to Roxanne because he wants her to choose which one of them she loves without any deception. This act shows, beyond a doubt, that you can feel just as sorry for Christian as you do for Cyrano.
    • Cyrano's last words to Christian: "I have told her. She chose you."
  • "No, my dear love, I never loved you." Buckets. Especially the Kevin Kline production.
  • The balcony scene — the moment Cyrano has been waiting for but never thought he could have, where he can tell Roxanne how much he loves her, under the blissful cover of darkness where his perceived ugliness doesn't matter.
  • When the dying Cyrano tells one of the nuns in Roxane's convent that he finally gives her permission to pray for him tonight, she responds that she never waited for his permission.
  • When Cyrano insults Le Bret for making friends, Le Bret, rather than being offended, realizes that Cyrano is upset because Roxanne does not reciprocate his love.
    Le Bret: Tell this to all the world — And then to me say very softly that...She loves you not.
  • Cyrano's interactions with the Orange Girl, who offers him a free dinner after hearing that he's broke. Though he is very hungry, Cyrano only accepts a single grape, a glass of water, and half a macaroon, rather than letting her take a loss for his sake. Then when she asks if he won't take anything more:
    Cyrano: "Why yes. Your hand to kiss." (he kisses her hand as he would that of a princess)