Heartwarming / Cuticle Detective Inaba

  • The flashback to when Haruka and Hiroshi were kids. Somei happened to be in the area and came upon them. Haruka was crying because he couldn't control his mind reading abilities, so he gets his sons to a less crowded area so Haruka can rest. He jokingly tells them that he's a criminal, so Hiroshi says that he'll catch him one day. After the flashback is over, it's revealed that Hiroshi still remembers him, and wonders if he's been caught yet.
  • Don Valentino and Akiyoshi becoming fast friends in prison.
  • In Episode 9, when Natsuki cries, Haruka (a telepath) takes her hand and tells her that she can hold onto him until she didn't feel like crying anymore. And later on, Haruka gives Yataro and Natsuki some alone time. It's plain that despite what he says he doesn't think of the two as simply being his arms and legs.