Funny / Cuticle Detective Inaba

  • Lorenzo's introduction, and Kei's reaction.
    Yuuta Good for him.
  • Hiroshi playing house with little Azusa Ogino. He makes her the daddy, and she proceeds to pounce on him, cause he's playing mommy.
    • And then Azusa goes to work. Since she's playing daddy, she almost instantly comes back with the Don and Loenzo in tow. Oh, when they try to play blocks with her, she builds a friggin' human-sized log cabin.
  • The creepy game pieces Yuuta chose for Kei and Ogi.
    • They were Japanese voodoo dolls of them. And they were used. Also from the same episode, the ridiculous challenges each team has to complete in order to progress in the game. Kei and Ogi at one point have to win a hundred-on-two battle with feudal warriors. Kei just has to sit back and let Ogi be Ogi. At another point, they have to eat a specific giant rice gran when in a room filled with anthropomorphic rice grains. When they spot it, Ogi responds by saying he wished he had some salt to eat it with. When they get back, Kei has a Balloon Belly and only the rice grain's arms and legs are left. Hiroshi is scared to ask them what their challenge was.
    • The first challenge involves the Don getting stamped with a hot brand. When they get back, Lorenzo places a bag of ice on the wound.
    • Another challenge involves petting all the dogs in a feudal village. Yuzuki, being a dog lover, is delighted despite the fact that all the dogs try to maim him. When he's done, he's not sure why they haven't gone back to the present. Then he pets Hiroshi, and they're done.
  • The KO Shield from episode three. Especially when Kei shouts out what KO means.
    • Also from episode three, Gabriella becoming jealous over how the love potion making Inaba fall in love with Kei. This also makes him act like a cat, so Kei loses the heart to tell him off. Oh, and when Gabriella was going to shoot Inaba at one point, Ogi tells him to duck and pushes him down. Later it's revealed that he shoved Inaba through the pavement and into the ground.
    • Kei-loving Hiroshi gets a massive Bishie Sparkle and starts acting like a flirty, scared little girl in order to get Kei to hold him. Yuuta becomes incredibly jealous and proceeds to hit his own pressure points in order to attack Kei and Hiroshi. This scene also doubles as a funny DBZ Shout-Out. Then Hiroshi uses the KO shield to save the day. So Yuuta hits his pressure points in order to launch another super attack.
  • Cat lover Kei from episode 4.
    • He lets himself get kidnapped by Haruka's cohorts because they're in cat costumes. He even thinks that they're taking him to the kingdom of cats! When they block his exit after he's realized that this was a trap Haruka made, he responds by hugging him. Oh, and Haruka's plan? Use a machine to turn Kei into a dog-lover. This works and makes him into such a massive hindrance that Haruka and Inaba have to team up to turn him back to normal.
  • Noah and Yuuta become texting buddies soon after they meet. Noah is also excited about going to the hot sprints with three young bodies to watch. Gabriella then gets a Battle Aura and notes at how Noah just made it clear that she thinks of her as an old bag.
  • Episode five, the Hot Springs Episode in which all of the bad guys go to a famous hot spring and wind up encountering Inaba and co. Initially Haruka and Yataro don't feel like going to the actual hot springs, but upon realizing that Lorenzo has taken off his bag, they immediately strip down and jump in. Only to find that Lorenzo is nor wearing a towel instead.
  • Episode 12 has Hiroshi freaking out over his stolen hair, then calling Ogi to report the crime. Ogi then hangs up. Hiroshi then decides to go the Gentleman Thief route and leave a note for the Don warning him that he's going to get the diamonds made from his stolen hair. The Don then calls Ogi to report the crime. Ogi, once again, hangs up. After Yuuta and Inaba set out to steal the diamonds, Kei calls Ogi. Ogi finally gives in and asks what's going on. They wind up teaming up with the Don to keep Hiroshi from stealing the diamonds. Ogi justifies this by saying that he can't let Hiroshi become a criminal.