Heartwarming / Cube

  • Quentin revealing that his reason to live are his three kids. A lot less heartwarming when you learn that he's possibly abusive toward them.
  • Worth conversation with Holloway where they revealed their first names and Holloway actually reasuring Worth about his involvment in the Cube's construction.
  • The fact that it's Worth (of all people) who figured out the solution reguarding the permutations and ends up reviving hope of the group.
  • Worth and Leaven's look of joy when they learn that Kazan is The Rain Man and can help them get out.
  • Leaven's conversation with Worth at the end of the movie and her the look on her face as she tries to convince him to leave the Cube with her. If Quentin hadn't killed them both, they likely would have become a couple (or at least best friends).
    • His heroic sacrifice to save Kazan counts as well, as the fact that he come closer to Leaven to die.
  • Kazan making it out at the end.