* Seeing the Countess de Vasconcellos happy when [[spoiler: George discovers the chalice - a proof that the Templars never abandoned the de Vasconcellos]]. Even Lopez's personality changes and is glad to welcome George to visit the villa.
* The ending of the first game where [[spoiler: George and Nico share their first kiss after the explosion.]]
** At the epilogue in ''Director's Cut'', the scene shows [[spoiler: George and Nico at the top of Eiffel tower for their first date.]]
* In the third game, there are few memorabilias displayed inside Nico's apartment including the clown's nose. Despite her romantic relationship with George never worked out, Nico still misses him.
--->'''Nico''': The clown's nose is a clue that George and I once found. It made me think of him when I touched it.
* This sweet exchange before George and Nico use the elevator in the third game:
--->'''George''': You know, I've missed you.\\
'''Nico''': I've missed you, too.\\
'''George''': That's settled then. Shall we go?
* The moment before the ending of the third game when [[spoiler: George finds out that Nico survives from the fire blast. He is so happy that he carries Nico on his arms.]]