Heartwarming / Blue Beetle

  • More than one, but for fans of both Ted and Jaime, the issue where Guy tells Jaime about Ted and leaves Jaime Ted's books (which help Jaime think of a way to defeat the Reach).
    • Let's explain it again: This is GUY GARDNER, aka a grade A+ jackass, telling Jaime about how clever, capable and trustworthy Ted was and how much he respected him for that and even claiming that Ted was smarter than Batman himself. Then he cranks his "Big Brother" switch to eleven and gives Jaime a set of strategy books that Ted gave him in the past, admitting he never had the head for them but claiming that Jaime was smart enough to get the most out of them. Practically every panel on that single page was a CMOHW.
    • After the fact, we see Jaime's got a WWTKD? sign on his corkboard—"What Would Ted Kord Do?"
      • Taking the Scarab's own Character Development into account means that Ted was just as important to the Scarab rejecting the Reach as Jaime is.
  • Adding to the above was when, via time travel, Jaime and Ted finally met face to face and Jamie sees Ted was as nice as he was talked up to be. During their meeting, Jaime is stuttering from a mix of shyness and awe as he addresses Ted with the utmost respect. Ted returns it by putting his hand on the teen's shoulder and giving him a warm smile; telling Jaime he's very proud to have him as the next Blue Beetle.
  • This exchange between Jaime and his dad, after Jaime has just stopped a major catastrophe (but couldn't save everyone) and is crying in his room. Brought a tear to my eye.
    Dad: You saved so many people, mi hijo. You didn't ask for this responsibility. I'm proud of what you've done with this power.
    Jaime: No! I screwed up! I should have...I should have saved them all. If I was really a hero—I should've saved them all.
    Dad: I was in combat, Jaime. Not much older than you. And I...commanded my friends...and lost. Like you.
    Dad: And it will happen again. And you will come home to us. And I will tell you how you are a good man. Again. Always.
  • Jaime's secret power fantasy is to be a dentist. Funny, but then he tells us why- he wants to pay off his parents' mortgage, pay for his little sister's college, and buy a home near his abuela. Awww.
  • Milagro, who had been scared of Jaime since she found out about the scarab and the beetle armor, being the first to give him a hug after he figures out how he lost a year.
  • The Scarab's big speech—in English, no less, for the first time—about how Jaime has granted him individuality, identity and compassion and how much better he is for it.
    Dan Garrett / knew the words. Problem: lacked full programming. Result: incomplete effect. Ted Kord / had necessary intelligence for purpose decode. Problem: [Booster Gold] multiverse energy overload. Additional / magic damage. Result: incomplete effect. Jaime Reyes. First to activate full infiltrator mode Query: how did he learn the words? Answer: <I> told him. Infiltrator function "Khaji", subnotation "Da". Not a command. My serial number. But I am the first <case zero> of my kind to claim it as my name. First to have a friend. My name = Khaji Da. Jaime Reyes = Blue Beetle.
  • And later, when Jaime and Scarab are stopping the planet-rippers from activating by overloading the engine controls, which will destroy the chamber they're in:
    "Computing. Agree to stay. Reyes [Friend] / Sacrifice [Good]. Scarab [Hero].
  • Jaime going off to fight the big bad, saying goodbye to his friends and family. In particular his exchange with his sister:
    Jaime: Hey, Milagro. I know we don't get to talk a lot ever since...
    Milagro: It's okay. You're in a different grade and you have older friends - and you have your job.
    Jaime: My job?
    Milagro: You save people. You're a good guy. That's your job.
  • The end of the Spanish-language issue, when Jaime takes his grandmother flying.