Heartwarming / Black Crayons

Heartwarming moments in the Black Crayons series:

  • In general, expect Ironhide and Annabelle's interactions to be this.
  • Bookworm Gal choosing to keep Mikaela in the series in comparison to the character's treatment in Transformers: Dark of the Moon. This decision was appreciated by the readers.

Black Crayons
  • Annabelle considering Ironhide to be one of her best friends.

  • Annabelle making sure to include Ironhide's cannons in all of her drawings of him in robot form is quite the 'aww' inducing moment.

Babysitter's Nightmare

Night Sky


Parent-Teacher Conference

Everybody Needs a Birthday

Babysitting, Take Two

When I Grow Up
  • Annabelle's class is being asked what they want to be when they grow up and Annabelle musing about her father and Ironhide's work. When it came for her turn, she told her teacher that she wanted to be a hero. Just like her father and Ironhide.

Party Time
  • When Annabelle is frustrated at Carl scaring the other children, Mikaela pulls her aside and tells her to calm down as Carl will receive his comeuppance without her intervention.

Language Lessons

Summer Vacation

My First Decepticon

  • Wheelie giving advice to Annabelle on how to deal with the Decepticons should she come across one.
  • Ironhide and Annabelle's phone chat at the end.

A Child's Innocence
  • As opposed to Carly Spencer in Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Mikaela Banes is much more supportive of Sam Witwicky for his decision to help the Autobots.
  • In Chapter 2, Sam complimenting Mikaela's skills and her current occupation regardless of whether this makes him look inferior.
    Sam: Hey, I'm a modern man. I'm secure with my sexuality. I can handle the fact that my gorgeous, brilliant, and extremely talented girlfriend can be successful at whatever she does.
  • In Chapter 3, Sam manages to get a job and regardless of how meaningful it is, Mikaela is still proud of him.
  • In Chapter 11, while it is a Tear Jerker that Annabelle is reduced to tears when the Autobots are seemingly killed in the Xanthium explosion, it is still touching for Simmons to comfort her especially given how the two first reacted to each other in Summer Vacation.
    • Not to mention Dutch scolding everyone else for not even trying to comfort Annabelle when she is crying.
  • In Chapter 21, Sam's proposal to Mikaela and the Autobots are there to witness it.
    Mikaela: I love this car. And I definitely love the driver.
  • The final scene of the story is Annabelle reuniting with Ironhide.