Awesome / Black Crayons

Awesome moments in the Black Crayons series:

  • A meta example would be the author giving more Character Development to the characters.
  • Anytime Sarah Lennox stands up to someone much higher up in power than her, whether they be Cybertonian or government officials.

A Child's Innocence
  • Annabelle is kidnapped by the Decepticons and while she is afraid of her current situation, she takes much better than you would expect from a child. Then she takes Wheelie's advice from Nightmares and manages to escape. To elaborate:
    • She appeals to Starscream's ego saying that he should use the chain of command to give the task of watching her to another Decepticon if he feels that it is beneath him. Starscream admits she has a point and gives the task of watching the girl to Barricade.
    • Barricade recognizes Annabelle from their encounter in My First Decepticon and Annabelle convinces him to let her go, telling Barricade that the other Decepticons would just think that the Autobots managed to get her back. Barricade agrees and transports Annabelle to where one of the Autobots will pick her up.
  • Ironhide thinks back to the time he first met Will Lennox's family. Before Sarah brings Annabelle to meet the Autobot, she makes it clear in no uncertain terms that the Cybertonian is going to regret hurting her family if he decides to do so. This earns Sarah Ironhide's respect.
    • What makes it better is that usually, whenever Sarah Lennox intimidated someone, it was Played for Laughs, this time it is played more seriously.
  • Bumblebee, Sam, and Wheelie rescuing Mikaela from Dylan using a hijacked Decepticon ship.
  • The Autobots fighting the Decepticons in Chicago. Each of the named Autobots gets a time to shine. A few moments include:
  • Sam stabbing Starscream in the eye with a grappling hook climbing glove and then nearly blowing the Decepticon's arm clean off with an explosive, forcing Starscream to retreat.
  • Mikaela's Car Fu on a Decepticon. To elaborate: She hotwires a police car, backs it into a Decepticon, and then drives it up a piece of debris used as a ramp, getting out at the last moment, the car is then launched into the air and then lands on another Decepticon.
  • Annabelle driving a piece of rebar into Sentinel Prime's leg. Repeat: A SIX-YEAR OLD GIRL DRIVES A PIECE OF REINFORCING BAR INTO SENTINEL PRIME'S LEG. The kid's got guts.
  • The Mle Trois between Megatron, Optimus Prime, and Sentinel Prime.
  • The examples described in the Shut Up, Hannibal! section on the main page.