Funny / Black Crayons

Funny moments in the Black Crayons series:

Black Crayons
  • Annabelle's teacher reacting to the child constantly putting a black truck in her drawings, even if it doesn't make sense for a truck to be there.


Babysitter's Nightmare
  • Ironhide pretending to be a possessed car in order to scare Jennifer, who is babysitting Annabelle. At the end of the story, he reveals that he got the idea from Bumblebee.

Night Sky

  • Annabelle drawing a picture of her, Ironhide, and a Tyrannosaurs Rex. Even funnier when you remember that there is a Transformer who can become a T-Rex.
  • Ironhide surprisingly supports Sarah Lennox in that children should not engage in violence after Annabelle punches Carl, but then:
    Ironhide: That's what my cannons are for. What does the boy look like?

Parent-Teacher Conference

Everybody Needs a Birthday
  • Ironhide's birthday party. That is all.

Babysitting, Take Two

When I Grow Up

Party Time
  • Annabelle trying to convince Ironhide to put on a party hat.
  • Everyone singing "Happy Birthday" to Ironhide. Also counts as one In-Universe because with the exception of Annabelle, everyone singing is trying to keep a straight face.

Language Lessons
  • Ironhide being adamant to Sarah Lennox that he is not teaching her daughter to swear in Cybertronian.
Summer Vacation
  • Annabelle out pranks Skids and Mudflap by turning them into art projects while sleeping. With a combination of glitter, glue and markers. It hits it's peak when they wake and see what she has done to them. Bumblebee's reaction is to play an appropriate song.
  • Any of Sarah's Mama Bear moments. Even the soldiers and some of the Transformers are intimidated by her.
    • Ironhide's thoughts about her deserve a mention. He imagines a scenario with Sarah armed with a cannon being unleashed upon the Decepticons. It ends with her standing over Megatron's broken body. He doesn't think about it further because he does not want to be the one to unleash such a monster on an unsuspecting universe.
  • Sam, Annabelle, Bumblebee, Chromia, Skids, Mudflap, and Sideswipe have a race while Epps keeps Optimus, Ratchet, Ironhide, Will and Sarah from finding out. Once the race is over, Epps and the people he was supposed to distract arrive and Sam gets scolded by Sarah.
    Sarah: Should I ask? Should I ask why my daughter, who I left in your care, just participated in some kind of high-speed street race? Should I ask why Epps tried to keep us away from here with some flimsy excuse? Should I ask whose idea this was in the first place so I know who to 'discuss' this with?
    Sam: No, I don't think you should ask those questions because I'd rather survive to see my next birthday, madam. I think everyone would be happier not learning those answers. Or at least, they'd live a longer life. (Seeing that his words were having little effect in pacifying the woman, he glanced at the car he still sat in.) Bumblebee, floor it!
    Epps: (trying to run after Sam and Bumblebee) Wait, take me with you. Don't leave me to die!
  • In Optimus Prime's conversation with Annabelle, due to the child's Comically Missing the Point of Optimus's grand speeches, the Autobot leader borders on being The Comically Serious.

A Child's Innocence

Not According to Plan
  • In Chapter 1, Mike, one of the teenagers who kidnapped Annabelle and some other children, thinks he could handle Annabelle. Oh, Mike if only you knew...