[[folder:The Black Adder]]
* In "[[Recap/BlackadderS1E3TheArchbishop The Archbishop]]", Richard shows Edmund respect after the latter convinces a dying nobleman to hand his lands over to the crown instead of the church.
--->'''Richard IV:''' My son!
--->'''Edmund:''' Father!
--->''(The two men embrace, before Richard kneels.)''
--->'''Richard IV:''' Father.
--->'''Edmund:''' ''(places his hand on Richard's head)'' My son.
* Edmund reading a bedtime story for his child wife at the end of "[[Recap/BlackadderS1E4TheQueenOfSpainsBeard The Queen of Spain's Beard]]" is surprisingly sweet.
* In "[[Recap/BlackadderS1E5WitchsmellerPursuivant Witchsmeller Pursuivant]]", Baldrick reads a letter. A minor thing, but then you have to remember that Baldrick is part of the lower classes, who were not considered eligible for education, and reading was one of them. Either Baldrick taught himself, which seems a bit unlikely as he wouldn't know where to start, or Blackadder and Percy took the time to teach him how to read. Given Blackadder's opinion of the peasants through the episode, that is a noticeable feat.
* Brief though it was, Richard finally remembering his son's name in "[[Recap/BlackadderS1E6TheBlackSeal The Black Seal]]".
* In a Meta-example, [[Creator/RowanAtkinson Rowan Atkinson]] giving eight-year old Natasha King (Princess Leia) a bouquet of flowers to show off to her schoolmates.

[[folder:Blackadder II]]
* The "some beans" scene in "[[Recap/BlackadderS2E2Head Head]]". Blackadder attempts to teach Baldrick to count and is very patient about it, even in the face of Baldrick being incredibly slow to grasp how three and one makes four.
* The fact that in "[[Recap/BlackadderS2E4Money Money]]" Percy was willing to give Edmund all of the money he'd set aside for his old age to save him from the Bishop of Bath and Wells. True, [[spoiler: it turned out that Edmund had already stolen and spent the money,]] but it's the thought that counts.
** At the end of that same episode, [[spoiler: part of the money Edmund asks for when successfully blackmailing the Bishop is so he can take Baldrick along to Mrs. Miggin's pie shop to celebrate.]] Uncharacteristically nice for the second incarnation.

[[folder:Blackadder Goes Forth]]
* Captain Blackadder, like his predecessors, always puts himself first. However, note how when he ''can'' involve George and Baldrick in his escape schemes, he does. Even though they're both idiots who would probably endanger his plans, and George doesn't even want to go. Blackadder would happily leave them if only one person can get away, but the fact that he will save them if he can is pretty sweet, by Blackadder standards.
* Edmund seems to have [[TookALevelInKindness leveled up]] even before the show begins. While he still expresses a combination of contempt and disliking towards George and Baldrick, this seems to be his method of coping with the situation he finds himself in. As a Captain in the British Army he would have had unnumbered opportunities to have them at the very least sent away or locked up on a trumped-up charge, if not have them executed. Even when he finds out that they screwed up and very nearly let him be killed in Corporal Punishment, they're fine in the next episode. It appears that although he doesn't like either George or Baldrick, he secretly enjoys their company to distract from the monotony and terror of the war.
** Heck, when George reveals his talent for [[spoiler: painting]] in "[[Recap/BlackadderS4E1CaptainCook Captain Cook]]", Blackadder even gives him a genuine, non-cynical ''compliment''. Make that two, as there's one in that scene and a later one, where he even calls [[spoiler:George's painting]] a masterpiece.
** In "[[Recap/BlackadderS4E3MajorStar Major Star]]", George is late coming back from his date with General Melchett. Previous Blackadders would have been soundly asleep; this Blackadder stays up waiting for George, worrying aloud about his safety in the trenches.
* This moment from "[[Recap/BlackadderS4E4PrivatePlane Private Plane]]"
--> '''Captain Darling:''' Don't take that tone with me, Lieutenant, or I'll have you on charge for insubordination!
--> '''Lieutenant George:''' Well I'd rather be on a charge for insubordination than on a charge for deserting a friend!
* From "[[Recap/BlackadderS4E6Goodbyeee Goodbyeee]]":
** Captain Edmund Blackadder's FamousLastWords being the first (and perhaps only) ones he's said with [[SincerityMode any empathy]] for a human being other than himself.
--> '''Blackadder:''' Good luck, everyone. *Blows whistle to signal going over the top.*
** A bit earlier, when Darling arrives with an order to go over the top with everyone else, Blackadder completely ignores the opportunity to taunt his hated pencil pushing nemesis, seeing only a terrified man who'll soon be killed.
*** He not only doesn't taunt him, he pretends to believe that Darling volunteered to join them. Despite it probably taking him all of two seconds to guess that Darling was pushed into it by his mad superior, he gives Darling the best opportunity to save face and pretend to himself that he's being brave and loyal.

[[folder:The Specials]]
* ''[[Recap/BlackadderSS2BlackaddersChristmasCarol Blackadder's Christmas Carol]]'':
** It's kind of sweet to see Blackadder actually acting like a decent person, especially to Baldrick, even as everyone else fleeces him for everything he's worth. It doesn't last, but still.
** It's also nice to see UsefulNotes/QueenVictoria and Prince Albert acting like a HappilyMarried couple, especially in a series as cynical as this one.
* In ''[[Recap/BlackadderSS3BlackadderBackAndForth Blackadder Back & Forth]]'', when Blackadder becomes King of England, he makes Baldrick prime minister, despite the fact that Baldrick is an idiot who annoys the crap out of him. It's almost an AwLookTheyReallyDoLoveEachOther moment.
** Plus the indication that Blackadder chose to be a ''good'' leader, and not a tyrant, as one would half expect from him.