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Heartwarming: Benson
  • "Mary and Her Lambs" had several:
    • Clayton going OOC to help the kids with Christmas. Benson muses, "Just when you think you've had all you can take of him, he goes and does something like this."
    • Everyone singing Christmas Carols, with Inga Swenson singing "Stille Nacht" (Silent Night) in German and Benson doing "O Holy Night."
  • When Katie is sent to a boarding school in "Old School Ties," everyone feels her loss. Benson and Governor Gatling drive up to the school late and night to bring Katie home. When they meet with Marcie and Kraus, Katie tells Krause she'd like "a really big bowl of your oatmeal!"
  • When Kraus tells a rival in "Rivals," she's married to the Governor, everyone steps up, with Benson playing Governor Gatling. It shows how they all cared for each other back then.
  • The cast realizing Benson was The Heart in the It's a Wonderful Life episode.
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