Awesome / Benson

  • The "duel" between Benson and Clayton has Clayton admit defeat, and Benson tell him, "You were good, kid, real good. But as long as I'm around, you're only second best," not unlike Edward G. Robinson's Yancey Howard tell Steve McQueen's The Cincinnati Kid.
  • Benson beating "G.Reaper" at trivia.
  • Benson in Las Vegas, where Kraus's friend had hypnotized him into thinking he was "Benson Dubois, Las Vegas Headliner."
  • Benson being told by his white, balding competitor for Lieutenant Governor that he is in the weaker position because "It's obvious, Mr. Dubois, that you are the black candidate." This actually was a political liability at the time, as black men and women usually only won office in predominantly black counties or states with large black populations like Maryland. Benson, however, shows how little he thinks of this idea by immediately responding: "It is just as obvious, Mr. Tyler, that you are the bald candidate!"