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Dollar Bill

Dr. Manhattan


  • Issue 3: Gretchen's debut. At first she's the doctor that Ursula has Hollis take her to to patch her up, and it's clear that she's her Understanding Girlfriend. She is quite terse to the both of them, before cleaning her and digging the bullet out of Ursula. After she dismisses Hollis, she has a more humanized moment where her glasses stop being Opaque Lenses for a while, as she has considerable effort to drag Ursula out of the bath, wrapping her in bandages, and reciting the poem of the Silhouette while tucking her into bead.
  • In Issue 4: despite being kicked off the team due to her orientation, Silhouette shows almost no ill will, even telling Hollis not to judge Justice and Metropolis, for voting her off, because hiding one's orientation is a hard task, especially with all the intolerance which she would witness first hand a few weeks later. Despite the fear of Bad-Press, Hollis and Byron still tried to keep her on the team, and she tells him she appreciates it, and the three of them can continue to track down the child killer.
  • In issue 6, despite not being in it for the fame, Hollis gets the Key to the city, and is one of the few, possibly only, member of the team to depart with dignity, with everyone showing his accomplishments and praising him as a hero, showing the scene foreshadowed in issue 1's cover. He admits that after taking a physical beating a few days ago, and taking an emotional beating from the loss of so many friends, he needed this.
  • Hollis finally retires, letting the new age of superheroes take over, he can be seen playing with Laurie at the beach with Sally watching, and later greeting her at the airport.
  • Byron giving Hollis his current residence and garage, as a farewell gift. It's also his last action while he is still mentally healthy.


  • In Issue 2: Moloch really tries his best at being a good man, and you can really see all the effort he puts into his job and even his visit to Janey Slater.

Nite Owl

  • The final scene with Dan and Hollis in issue #4.



  • In Issue 3: Rorschach so nearly had a girlfriend. As gynophobic as he is, and already in 1977 well on his way into the abyss, he still appreciates that someone was good enough to try to help him by taking him to hospital. He offers in the most gentlemanly way he can to thank her with a dinner she will enjoy whether or not he likes her choice of restaurant, he graciously hides his pain when he thinks she is turning him down for being an ugly freak, and he is clearly relieved when she clarifies that she does have time for dessert and a chat. Rorschach being Rorschach, it all goes sour for no reason that he can help, but the reader is left with a sense that it's more than Rorschach's usual sense of black-and-white justice that ensures that Nemesis overtakes the man who hurt Nancy. And, for what it's worth and to what extent Nancy does manage to rebuild her life, at least she is not in New York when Ozymandias's plan comes to fruition.

Silk Spectre