Funny / Before Watchmen


Dollar Bill

  • During Bill's first real outing, Hooded Justice grabs a robber and swings him around by his pants, until his belt breaks, and the guy goes flying off in his underwear while Justice is still gripping the pants leg.
  • Bill's internal monologue before getting into said fight, staring at his statue.
    Bill: For what seemed like an eternity, I just crouched there, uncertain of what to do next — mocked by my own Golden Image, standing proudly near the window— and then it hit me— just seconds before Hooded Justice used the Statue to hit them!

Dr. Manhattan


  • The auditions for the Minutemen include a woman who calls herself the Slut, another woman who declares herself a triple threat because she can sing, dance, and cook a mean brisket, and a demented foreigner named the Iron Lid who thinks the best way to fight crime is to burn everything.


Nite Owl

  • Nite Owl and Rorschach stumble across Twilight Lady... who's completely naked. The ensuing scene is grimly hilarious, as she just ignores Rorschach's attempts to shame her.



Silk Spectre