Heartwarming / Bamse

  • Brumma is basically one big heartwarming moment. Whenever anyone is feeling down, she can lift their spirits with a hug and a smile.
    • In "A Liberating Smile", all four of Bamse's kids gets trapped at the bottom of a cliff with a guy who just robbed the bank. He threatens to seal them in behind a rock so they can't tell anyone where they found him, but when Brumma just stands there, smiling at him, he finds himself incapable of doing anything other than fleeing the scene.
  • The comic where Reinard steals the Elephant Ruby. Part of this is due to him manipulating Mickelina (who is supposed to lock the door). In doing so, he gets her fired. However, when he sees Mickelina crying because she has lost his job, he first tries to cheer her up with comments about how work isn't fun anyway. A few days later, Mickelina is still devastated and Reinard decides to give the Ruby back to the museum (he stole it to prove he could, not to sell it) with a letter about how it wasn't Mickelina's fault. She gets her job back but realizes it was Reinard's writing on the letter. This comic also started off the romantic plot between the two, as this is the first time Reinard actually considers Mickelina to be anything beyond a useful tool.
  • One of Skalman's inventions is a special kind of potion that enables you to enter storybooks and interact with their worlds and characters. In one instance, when he and Bamse are stranded in a book of fairy tales and are about to return home, Skalman notices that there's only enough potion for one of them to return home. Instead of telling Bamse this, he simply says "you go first" and lets him return home. When one of the fairy tale characters asks him why he didn't tell Bamse that there wasn't enough potion for the both of them, he shrugs and says "He's my best friend — and he has a wife and children who need him." Luckily, said fairy tale character is a Good Fairy, who is so impressed with this act of self-sacrifice that she uses her magic to send Skalman back home.