Heartwarming / Archie Comics

  • The story where Dilton tutors Moose in science so he can pass a makeup test so the basketball team can go for the championship. Dilton puts his own project on hold to help Moose. Moose takes the test and passes with a 75. Professor Flutesnoot tells Dilton how disappointed he is that Dilton didn't finish his other project, since Flutesnoot was sure Dilton would have won a trophy for it, as he had the previous two years. Dilton tells Flutesnoot that he has won a trophy that means more to him than any of those other trophies, and puts Moose's test in the trophy case.
  • The infamous story "Actions Speak Louder Than Words", Archie and Reggie want to take Veronica to the spring dance, but it's $5.00 per couple and they don't have the money. After fighting for a $5.00 dollar bill which Archie eventually gets, he goes to Veronica's house to take her to the dance only to realize that she's already going with someone else. Feeling bad for beating up Reggie for the dollar before, Archie takes him to the dance instead, even giving him a bouquet of flowers that was intended for Veronica. The last shot is of Archie, Reggie and Jughead enjoying the party, with Reggie still carrying the bouquet.
  • One story had Betty and Veronica shopping for back to school clothes, and Betty becomes increasingly depressed as Veronica buys all sorts of designer clothing while Betty is stuck with bargain brands. Upon arriving home, Betty finds all of Veronica's purchases stacked up in her bedroom, with a note from Veronica claiming that she 'had no more room in her closet' and that Betty should have the clothes instead. The final shot is of Betty trying on her new jacket with tears in her eyes.
  • Similarly, another story has Betty getting money as a gift from a travelling uncle. She invites Ronnie to go on a shopping spree, but Ron refuses, citing that said uncle's reputation makes him a poor man for her own taste. Furious at having her family insulted, Betty goes shopping alone. As she was just about done, a storm has started, and Betty gets worried that her new clothes might get ruined. The Lodge family limo appears and the chauffeur asks her to get inside; he was sent by Veronica to fetch Betty to protect her from the storm.
  • There was also a story where Archie has a bad day and goes to Pop Tate's and ends up having a pep talk with Reggie. He reminds Archie that his life isn't so bad, because he has supporting and loving parents and the girls love him for who he is, unlike Reggie. Reggie also lets slip that his rude and jerkish behaviour is in fact a facade, because the girls are interested in him just for his car and money. Archie actually cheers up, realizing that his life is not bad at all.
  • Reggie pretends to rescue a dog from an animal shelter to get a date with a dog-loving girl, with plans to return the dog after enough time passes. The dog, Runty, inmediately dislikes his Jerkass new owner. Despite himself, Reggie quickly begins to bond with Runty and vice-versa and even allows the mutt to sleep on his bed. After finding out that Reggie wanted to return him back to the shelter, Runty runs away from home in search of his original owner. In the end they reconcile and Runty decides to stay with Reggie instead.
  • The story where Jughead's father is being transferred to Ohio has Jughead enter a massive, massive Heroic B.S.O.D.. Although he eventually learns to accept it, he's nearly about to tell Archie the meaning of the "S" on his sweater when his parents interrupt him to let him know that his dad quit his job just so the family could stay in Riverdale as it meant so much to all of them. This is especially poignant when recalling how moving from their first hometown basically traumatized Jughead from having to leave his original best friend (and childhood sweetheart) Joani behind, and his parents did not want to have him go through with that again!