Heartwarming: Archie Comics

  • The story where Dilton tutors Moose in science so he can pass a makeup test so the basketball team can go for the championship. Dilton puts his own project on hold to help Moose. Moose takes the test and passes with a 75. Professor Flutesnoot tells Dilton how disappointed he is that Dilton didn't finish his other project, since Flutesnoot was sure Dilton would have won a trophy for it, as he had the previous two years. Dilton tells Flutesnoot that he has won a trophy that means more to him than any of those other trophies, and puts Moose's test in the trophy case.
  • One story had Betty and Veronica shopping for back to school clothes, and Betty becomes increasingly depressed as Veronica buys all sorts of designer clothing while Betty is stuck with bargain brands. Upon arriving home, Betty finds all of Veronica's purchases stacked up in her bedroom, with a note from Veronica claiming that she 'had no more room in her closet' and that Betty should have the clothes instead. The final shot is of Betty trying on her new jacket with tears in her eyes.
    • Similarly, another story has Betty getting money as a gift from a travelling uncle. She invites Ronnie to go on a shopping spree, but Ron refuses, citing that said uncle's reputation makes him a poor man for her own taste. Furious at having her family insulted, Betty goes shopping alone. As she was just about done, a storm has started, and Betty gets worried that her new clothes might get ruined. The Lodge family limo appears and the chauffeur asks her to get inside; he was sent by Veronica to fetch Betty to protect her from the storm.