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Trivia: Archie Comics
  • From a 1970's trivia book: Moose Mason's real first name is Marmaduke.
  • In the early 1970's, artist Al Hartley, who had become a born-again Christian a few years before, somehow managed to get the company which was and still is run by two Jewish families to license out the Archie characters for use in blatantly religious comics published by Spire Christian Comics. These Christian Archie comics were apparently successful and continued to be produced into the early 1980's. They were pretty blatant about their messages, with Bible verses aplenty strewn throughout the dialogue, and depicting Betty and Archie as uber-Christians.
    • They were also, if you can believe it, a bit Darker and Edgier at times (Christian publishers didn't observe the Code) depicting pot-peddling, temptations to drug use, and one issue in which two drug-using kids get in a car crash and are near death. See here for more.
  • What Could Have Been: Archie Comics approached Nintendo for the rights to make Nintendo comics, but they turned them down. Sketches were made, however.

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