Heartwarming / Animal Man

  • Cliff is upset that when Maxine goes out with Buddy, they fly, but they always walk together. Later, Cliff tries to hit on two girls, one of whom was wearing an Animal Man t-shirt, and says his dad is Animal Man. They, naturally, don't believe him. Then Buddy shows up and says "Cliff, we gotta go... that was the Justice League, they need us!" and flies Cliff away.
  • In his final fourth wall shattering issue on the book, Grant Morrison spends much of it musing that Buddy's life is fictional, and that doing things like killing off his family for drama are simply things that need to be done for the sake of writing. But after hearing Buddy's angst, and recalling his own childhood imaginary friend, Grant has a change of heart and feels that even fictional characters deserve to be treated with some kindness. He gives Buddy the Deus Ex Machina he pleaded for, and brings his family back to life.