Heartwarming / Andrew W.K.

  • The song "Totally Stupid" from The Wolf contains a surprisingly deep and poetic final section about personal empowerment and self-acceptance.
    If you have a heart that's in pain
    Don't be afraid
    You're not to blame
    There's a better world inside of us
    Where we always thought it was
    You don't need to hide
    You can open up your eyes
    And you'll discover
    That there is another world.
  • While his advice column on Village Voice is already full of well-spoken, insightful responses, Andrew's response to a question about depression is both extremely eye-opening and extremely accurate. Why is it here in the Heartwarming section? Because the last three paragraphs are pure, honest sincere emotional support from the man himself, who also suffers from severe depression—he's not just saying it to offer sympathy, he's been there.
    "It tells us that it's all going to be OK. That you will be OK. That you already are. Never forget this. I love you. Stay strong."