Heartwarming / All-New X-Men

  • Havok and O5 Scott's reunion is heartwarming given the current situation between them.
  • Issue 14 gives us this:
    Havok: Nicely done, brother. Summers brother high five.
    Cyclops: Do we do that? Is that a thing we do?
    Havok: No.
    (they do the Summers brother high five)
  • Issue #18 has one of the sweetest moments between Kitty and Magik, both in need of comfort after the events of Battle of the Atom!.
  • Teen!Scott giving Laura an awkward Cool Down Hug when she's in the middle of a freakout over what the Purifiers did to her after escaping Murder World in #20 (not at all helped by her waking up in a Weapon X facility).
    • He gives her another one — this time initiated by Laura herself — in the following issue when she's breaking down again after Stryker, Jr. reveals to her Arcade released the Murderworld footage on the internet, revealing the whole world has seen her in a Trigger Scent-fueled rage.
    • Laura returns the favor during the Trial of Jean Grey crossover in Guardians of the Galaxy #12, finding Scott overwhelmed by Jean's kidnapping by the Shi'ar and the revelation that his father actually survived the plane crash that killed his parentsnote . She gives him a hug in private in the cargo bay.
  • This.
  • Corsair's proud smiles at all of his teenaged son's actions during Trial of Jean Grey.
  • Older!Scott comforting Jeen when she was worried in Issue #26 about everything. She returns it by mentioning that despite the lies she was told by Beast to come to the future, she's happy how he turned out in the end.
  • Laura and Warren's date in All-New X-Men #30. It starts with a wild night at a club (which culminates in a brawl against some thugs who take a disliking to Warren and his wings), but leads to them having a long heart-to-heart talk and Laura thanking him for taking her away from the insanity which normally surrounds her, with Warren remarking that Laura is prettier than Jean Grey when Laura starts expressing her self-doubts about why he likes her. It's a rare moment of Laura getting to forget about everything that's been done to her, and just being a normal girl.
  • Issue 40 brings us Jean's outing of Bobby. Although the manner in which she did so is somewhat divisive, that Jean is supportive, accepting, and understanding is nonetheless quite sweet.
    • Warren and Laura's Relationship Upgrade, as well. While the idea of the relationship is somewhat divisive, mainly due to its poor buildup and the lack of interaction between Laura and Warren before he expressed an interest in her, the scene in issue 40 where he confesses his feelings and explains why he accepted the Vortex — in a manner that strikes a chord with Laura's own background and issues — comes across as very poignant.