Heartwarming: Alan Wake

  • The memory of Alice Zane sends after her appearance in The Writer.
  • Chapter 3, after the incident at the police station, while you're on your way to the coal mine, the next radio you encounter has Pat Maine chew out Agent Nightingale, and addresses Alan directly, apologizing for possibly getting Alan into trouble, and says he believes Alan isn't the bad guy in all this mess, and wishes him luck. "Godspeed", indeed. After all this mess, it's nice to know there's someone other than Barry who's on your side, even if he doesn't know what Alan is really dealing with.
  • Barry showing quite a bit of legitimate concern for Alan's well-being as he heads out in the dark with the Clicker in hand, ready to strike directly at the Dark Presence, giving him a good ol' manhug and even tearing up a little. It definitely goes a long way to show him and Alan being truly close friends.
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