Heartwarming / A Wrinkle in Time

The Book

  • At one point, Meg has her glasses off. Calvin tells her to keep wearing them "because I don't think I want anyone else to know what dreamboat eyes you have."
  • Meg saving her brother with The Power of Love. It was the one thing - the one thing, that IT utterly lacked, and the one thing that could break ITS power over Charles Wallace.

The FanFic

  • The trio's reunion with their Gaara.
  • Naruto and Jiraiya's "first" meeting. It's all too obvious how much Naruto's missed his godfather.
  • Naruto and Neji's Chunin Exam match, where the former may as well have gained the latter's eternal friendship and Undying Loyalty after removing the Caged Bird Seal from his forehead. Hinata was very much happy as well, sobbing into Naruto's chest as she cried "Thank you!" over and over again.
  • Just about anytime Shikaku and Yoshino treat the orphaned Naruto and Lee as their own children alongside Shikamaru.

The 2018 Film

  • The fact that this book which holds a place in many people’s hearts is finally getting the big budget movie it deserves, made by the company who screwed it over the first time in terms of movies.