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Headscratchers: Wrong Turn
  • I am the only one who noticed that this is a rip-off of The Hills Have Eyes?
    • Oh come on, that's not fair at all! They're ripping off The Texas Chainsaw Massacre way more! (seriously, the second movie even has a blatant copycat of the dinner scene from TCM)
  • Ok...cannibalistic hillbillies.Got it. That NONE of the other residents know anything about? Or that they have allowed to live near them? And that don't prey on fellow residents? Huh?
    • They probably don't eat anyone living nearby so as not to draw attention to themselves.
      • Are they smart enough to do that?
      • Well, they can do things like drive and make a deal with the creepy gas station guy...
  • Wrong Turn 3 - An armored car full of money is found abandoned in the forest. An abandoned armored car? Full of money? Really?
    • Wasn't it obvious that the people inside were killed by Three Finger (or, judging by the rust, Three Finger, One-Eye, and Saw Tooth), then dragged off? Or was the blood and the windshield being broken INWARDS not a clear enough indication?
  • In Bloody Beginnings why did the hillbillies single out the asylum employees to torture and kill when there were tons of fellow inmates they could have killed?
    • If you were an imprisoned psycho who has just sparked a riot, who would you be more likely to target, your jailers, or fellow captives (most of whom looked to be just as messed up as them)?
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